Helen Mirren Reunited with Ex-Boyfriend Liam Neeson | The Graham Norton Show

Helen Mirren Reunited with Ex-Boyfriend Liam Neeson | The Graham Norton Show

They lived together for 4 years!
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58 Responses

  1. Devon Palmer says:

    Damn neeson looks younger

  2. Kronen Baxter says:

    Liam’s got that “particular set of skills”! 😉

  3. tyler says:

    Liam Neeson still looks 40 to be honest.

  4. Sonidos De Poesías says:

    Helen and Liam two of the greatest… 💪🙌

  5. Marisol says:

    How did I not know this… I feel lied to, by life itself.

  6. HollyBlueAgitated says:

    the Queen and Qui-Gon

  7. Tame Naken says:

    Helen Mirren in her hay day had, in my eyes, probably the best voluptuous body I’ve ever seen. Ever.

  8. Carmen Perdiguero Sempere says:

    Okey, I am in tears.

  9. MONSTERaider says:

    Man they’re beautiful and elegant! love them both <3

  10. Shankar Roy says:

    Movie idea abuzzing in my head…….
    Dame Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson star as spies and ex-lovers forced to come out of retirement in “Spies Never Die”- an action fuelled Bond spoof movie that can have ageism/sexism/what have you as a subtext… Henry Cavill can be their lovechild/the villain of the story as a rogue spy gone rogue… Plot twist is that Cavill’s character is gay and is being manipulated by Jason Statham…
    Directed by Paul Feig…
    Coming June 2020…

  11. KherMoon says:

    Omg this is so beautiful, I can’t handle it

  12. Nick Dahiya says:

    I don’t know who you are, but i will find you and date you

  13. thequeenofcydonia says:

    I never knew I needed this in my life.

  14. Elizabeth Tjalma says:

    Liam Neeson can honestly get it any day of the week

  15. HappyGeekChic says:

    Thats really sweet. Its nice to see exes being amicable and respectful to each other, whether they are celebs or not.

  16. L Mh says:

    Liam lookin’ like a snack

  17. 19grand says:

    That voice.

  18. Advanced Ape says:

    How great is it, that they’re still so friendly, even after, what Helen said was quite a serious relationship. I have to say, as a 32-yr-old-man, she looks great even now, imagine her in the 80s!

  19. Maliha Intikhab says:

    Liam Neeson looks pretty young for his age. But Helen Mirren is out of this world! Her beauty is timeless.

  20. elzeus13 says:

    He said what we were all thinking.

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