Helicopter Crash in New York City

Helicopter Crash in New York City

A helicopter crashed onto the roof of a skyscraper, killing one, as people evacuated into the streets. Read more here: https://bit.ly/2wItw48

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61 Responses

  1. Maliha Intikhab says:

    This must have been so scary. So sorry for the people who had to experience it.

    • Chibiel says:

      @Joe Poronto It wasn’t a joke shutup with excuses dumbass bot

    • Maliha Intikhab says:

      I’m not American. I’ve lived in Sweden almost my entire life so its always a culture shock to see that something as basic as your name can bring up such hateful comments. Not particularly bothered by it (these guys are just nameless internet warriors) but I can’t even imagine how people could deal with this on a daily basis. Also, acts of terror can be committed by anyone regardless of their race or their name. I’m a girl too so that guy got taht wrong as well. Have a good day Sir, I hope whatever fills your heart with such hate ceases to exist

    • Meekah She says:

      @fav cocaboycola pretty sure that’s humans in general lol

    • Meekah She says:

      @Maliha Intikhab it’s America you get use to ignorant white people ? rather trailer park or head of a bank you’ll find them everywhere ?

    • Jahangir Rahman says:

      @Zoooper Farmer Do you know what the real story behind it is? Is it something with the US Government? Did they have anything to do with it?

  2. Echo Rose Smith says:

    So sad this happened but those people are probably scared right now because of 9/11 prayers especially for the person who died family

    • Javier Torres says:

      I dont care about 9/11

    • Windcatcher says:

      @Hernandez10052 Media propaganda is working successfully on your emotions.

    • Tjtaco123 says:

      @Andy Lin 林 ur fucking dumb of course you would be afraid if you were in that moment of course now u say that but if you were next to that building u would probably freeze and why cant he be offended just because he dosent live in ny their people who dont live in New York and had family in 9/11 and died so please shut the fuck up and get off your phone in class you sound dumb their no way you can be over 18

    • Tjtaco123 says:

      @Hernandez10052 dude shes fucking retarded asking why are you offended

    • Tjtaco123 says:

      @Javier Torres then why tf are you here you ignorant little bitch many people died and many people died trying to save others stfu and be grateful for your life you little shit

  3. Dlvine_ RinneYT says:

    Prayers for that person and family

    • DAC Studios says:

      Carl Fichtner but we can’t predict the future I didn’t even know the pilot died


      *_possibly New York’s opposite_*

    • Dlvine_ RinneYT says:

      Carl Fichtner chill all that damn noise

    • YoungThug YT says:

      Carl Fichtner I cant tell if ur being serious or a dickhead

    • fav cocaboycola says:

      @DAC Studios link me proof it wasn’t I’ll click

    • fav cocaboycola says:

      @Dlvine_ RinneYT you feel sorry and your paying condolences that’s good
      Bringing up 9/11 to compare like all the comments are rn it’s embarrassing that we compare like something to brag on about it’s played out and self victimized antics are stupid and unproductive

  4. NeXusS says:

    R.I.P to that beautiful pilot that sadly perished in the crash ❤️

  5. UmberPat says:

    “Aye bro watch yo jet”

  6. Joy Mechell says:

    This pops up just as soon as I put my signature on my dispatcher application ? imagine the loads of calls from people thinking this was a second 9/11

  7. XLegit says:

    Man i saw this pop on the news.
    Poor Guy had to experience that heli crash.
    May he rest somewhere better

  8. Dubious Dove says:

    Damn talk about a scary moment on top of a very scary experience from the past.

  9. Toasty_42069 says:

    I got the notification on my phone. My heart sank thinking it was another 9/11, until I heard it was a crash landing.

  10. Richard Viarengo says:

    Yea thanx very informative clip…R~

  11. Babeena_Gt _ says:

    Condolences to the pilots family ?☹

  12. Gloria Borger says:

    Keeping praying for the 1 that died

    May he Rest In Peace

    • Jessica Garcia says:

      Gloria Borger thanks Gloria! For being there for me and everyone! I’m glad to have you in my life! I honestly wouldn’t even know what I would do without you! I’d probabaly be on the streets homeless and selling my body! But you came into my life with your prayers and positiveness! So I thank ou for that! My family says hi

    • Gloria Borger says:

      Jessica Garcia I’m sorry for you I will keep praying for him! I’m sorry that this happened to you. I’m glad you can help

    • Sir Spike says:

      It was the pilot you idiot

    • Gloria Borger says:

      Sir Spike he still died

    • DAC Studios says:

      Sir Spike yeah he still died

  13. John Froelich says:

    1st interviewee: Cardi B fan?…

  14. tcorourke2007 says:

    We couldn’t get any relevant footage of the crash or it’s aftermath, so we conducted interviews with several random, inarticulate people who happened to be inside the building. Enjoy!

  15. Andres E. Gomez M. says:

    I swear this must have triggered some 911 flashbacks

  16. Lionel messigician says:

    Also pray for what’s happening in Sudan a lot of people are dying out there ?

  17. Sleepy Banana says:

    RIP the helipilot who passed away during the crash. Glad everyone else made it out safely though

  18. TheThinkingByte says:

    Why nyc? Bro, 911 is back.

  19. Alkaris says:

    You didn’t even show the aftermath… you showed nothing.

  20. undeadpresident says:

    And the building didn’t implode?!?

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