Helicopter Crash Pearl Harbor 2/18/16 10:15 am ORIGINAL Eyewitness

Helicopter Crash Pearl Harbor 2/18/16 10:15 am ORIGINAL Eyewitness

Today I witnessed and recorded the helicopter crash in Pearl Harbor. Video donations can be made to Paypal at Megamister@bigfoot.com. Permission for news agencies granted since I can’t keep up with you all. Please credit Shawn Winrich. My prayers best regards and wishes go to the families involved. 4 adults were known to survive, the minor is unknown at this time. I just verified the tail numbers from my pics. I was on that helicopter 2 weeks ago with Genesis helicopters. It was a wonderful flight when we got to it. We were delayed taking off and had to sit on the taxiway hovering, waiting for the airways to clear for the plane that crash landed on the waterway due to engine and landing gear failure. Our flight was delayed approximately 30-45min. Until FAA opened up the airway.

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20 Responses

  1. PhantomMatrix says:

    It looks like one of the rotors stalled

  2. peekaboo2u says:

    I always wondered how the guy at the mall make these little fuckers
    fly…glad I’m not the only one that felt like he wasted his money.

  3. joeashbubemma says:

    These tour heli assholes fly with no regard for residents. I hope those
    passengers are okay, then sue the shit out of that company and that ‘bus’
    driver. Too bad that prick didn’t get stuck in the heli, one less dickhead
    in the air. Either way, another crashed tour chopper just made my day.

  4. jjqb1590 says:


  5. Stephen Trail says:

    Damn my right ear is worried for these people

  6. happybeans says:

    the souls of the dead japs smile from the horizon

  7. WTF Is wrong with the world says:

    Here comes the comments about Nippon

  8. Kenneth Ferguson says:

    android or iphone?

  9. boredom says:

    So the Japanese did this.

  10. Ryan Gibson says:

    That moment you think your Helicopter is a Submarine…

  11. Mana says:

    Well. Rip

  12. bill smith says:

    i would of liv
    liked to seethe full video insted of this 11 sec clip

  13. Jack Mearns says:

    holy shit this is actually scary

  14. John Smith says:

    too soon…

  15. I Fqcked Hillary Clinton in thr ass says:

    This pilot thought this was GTA5

  16. Stupidindeed says:

    God damn JAPS don’t learn do they?

  17. Chris Hale says:

    how the fuck did that happen?

  18. kris kansur says:

    that shit is intense. felt like I was watching an action movie.

  19. Drew Edmonds says:

    Any chopper pilots out there able to speculate what happened? I’m no pilot
    but am an aviation enthusiast. Are there passengers in the front seat next
    to the pilot? could one of them accidentally pushed the cyclic down? it’s
    hard to imagine what would cause this. even an engine failure wouldn’t
    cause such a rapid descent, and it sounds like the engine is still running
    until impact. If the pitch link broke would the blades stop producing lift
    that suddenly to drop it out of the sky?

  20. KR3WN3RD says: