Helicopter Video of Police Killing Terence Crutcher

Helicopter Video of Police Killing Terence Crutcher

Read the full story here: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/breaking-video-police-kill-pastor/

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19 Responses

  1. Doc Aliday says:

    Does his right hand come down @ 0:22 ? You can see the cops jump, I think
    he was trying to get back to his car to get his insurance etc. RIP Mr.

  2. John Banes says:

    Police are such cowards.

  3. Paul George says:

    Let’s see how people try to justify this execution.

  4. Michael Dean says:

    Who are the 2 azz-holes giving their personal ‘play-by-play’? Bias much?

  5. JoeOf91 says:

    i sometimes wonder why they carry a taser, if all they do is shoot.

  6. Petesey Valdez says:

    “The cops did nothin wrong” ok let’s switch it around how about if a black
    cop killed a white man in the same situation America would go fuckin crazy
    and I’m pretty sure he would go to jail it’s the same shit that girl cop
    should go to jail

  7. Bob H says:

    i hate you so much gringos

  8. Kevin Lobo says:

    did he have a gun?

  9. redd1911 says:

    Where did the guy shot pose a threat? I did not see it and I viewed the
    video several times.

  10. George Feb says:

    American cops seem like a bunch of scared pussies to me! What a joke!

  11. Amaury Lindy says:

    Thank you so much for “protecting and serving” us I thought he was going to
    kill me…

  12. Dont Be Scared Homie says:

    I dont know how black community can take this shit
    u need to fuckin riot
    fuck this shit

  13. Kyle Frigo says:

    Leave it to a woman to freak out and discharge her fire arm

  14. Stony Tark says:

    lets see the bodycam footage. before we jump to conclusions

  15. jasminhook96 says:

    i don’t get why he was walking away from the police toward his car. If i
    was in his place i would have got on the ground like how they alwaya tell
    you to do.

  16. Jairo Ivan says:

    I wonder why police use lethal force when they have fucking tasers

  17. TheDogMaster11 says:

    Why was he still going to the car? I just ser a bunch of radical non racist
    people trying to make a mess out of this

  18. Dadas Dadasim says:


  19. Marcos Soria says:

    She should have tazed him TF?! the police in the chopper thought she should
    have to. SMH you thought he was going to get into his car? Jesus man Stupid
    the cop had 4 others there why would you be scared?