Hello, New Chateau Houghton! (Empty House Tour)

Hello, New Chateau Houghton! (Empty House Tour)

In times like these when I find myself feeling lost I like to manifest my future. Things like… How it will feel walking into my powder room. How it will look to watch my nieces run through a bright, fresh kitchen to go play in the pool. The sounds that will come from the room that will one day be my nursery. I hope this video is a fun, optimistic distraction from all the crazy stuff in our world right now. Abrazos y besos to you all. ❤️

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Adrienne Bailon Houghton shares her #HiLow hacks on going glam without breaking the bank! Tips and tricks for mixing high end and inexpensive pieces in all things beauty, fashion, home décor, and entertaining. Tune in every Tuesday at 10AM PST to watch. #AllThingsAdrienne

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71 Responses

  1. All Things Adrienne says:

    How has everyone been doing lately? 💕

    • janai matthews says:

      All Things Adrienne where are your boots from?!? They’re so cute

    • Olibia Wong says:

      I’m doing great,learning to do new things at home with my time,you look great by the way and I would like to know when I can have a personal tour of your home🙃

    • Crystal Prudhomme says:

      Been baking and occupying my time around the house….all the best as well to both of you with your new home

    • Alexis Maycock says:

      I go between gratitude and disappointment. This too shall pass. Hope you and your family are well Adrienne 💕

    • Artbullyklr says:

      All Things Adrienne beautiful thanks for asking

  2. Lena Cole says:

    I love how she added pictures of her vision because when she describes it it’s like “okay yea that sounds cute👌🏾” then when you see the pics it’s like “ oh yea that’s gone be bomb af 😍! “. And I love her messy bun and whole outfit too. It’s so effortless yet so well put together 💕.

  3. Blonde Rose says:

    I love how open she is about wanting a child. Most celebrities are so secretive. I love that she’s letting us in and she’s so sweet

    • Janniegirl McMiller says:

      Yes, she is beautiful and I love her personality. 👍💕😁💕🌹👍

    • Zoey A says:

      He has like 5 kids already so she’s more excited then him not sure why she’s taking long. After 35 your considered high risk

  4. Molly B says:

    She’s talking about future baby likes shes already pregnant😍😍

  5. Ma Dj says:

    Lord, please, with all my heart I am bagging you, give to this wonderful woman Andrienne Eliza Bailon, born October 24th, 1983 the number of children that she desires. Not only she will get pregnant,but she will give birth and raises her child/children for years and years to come. Ps, I know she considered her husband children hers, but we all know she wants her own children too. God bless.

  6. THIS IS ME: SANDRA D says:

    The fact that Adrienne purchased a house with ALL her family, and team, in mind is dope! The love for her family is incredible! Inspiring 💜💜💜

  7. I'mDes says:

    Whoever’s reading this GOD will protect you & you’re family during the Coronavirus Stay inside Stay Safe 🙏🏾❣ Show YouTube Love 🥰❤

  8. Odalys Robles says:

    Adrienne the smaller closet should be baby clothing ☺️

  9. neighborhood_cat _7 says:

    The backyard should be called, “Terre de Houghton,” which means Houghton Land in French.

  10. Jen Ly says:

    Can we get another tour when everything is renovated?!

  11. Miz Chewe says:

    i cant wait to finish my law degree and start making money to afford such a lavish lifestyle, this is so inspiring, and all the motivation i needed to open my books and study.

  12. Jean Nieves says:

    Adrienne: He can differentiate between the stairs and the floor.

    Also Adrienne: All the stairs are going to be exactly like the floors.

  13. MirrorDifference Tv says:

    I’m getting a vibe that she’s already pregnant

  14. Steph Anya says:

    I’m a therapist, Adrienne, and seeing you shift into this self-accepting and self-loving version of yourself is so amazing to witness. I love how open and bold you are and how consistent love has impacted you. Congratulations on your beautiful home! 💕

    • Kendra Uselton says:

      Do you have a private business email or anything..what kind of therapist are you..I’m in desperate need

    • Rebecca 021818 says:


    • Steph Anya says:

      Kendra Uselton hi Kendra! I practice in Georgia and am only licensed here. If you’re not in Georgia, I’m happy to check my networks to find someone for you. I also have a crisis counselor link in the description on my last video.

    • Kendra Uselton says:

      @Steph Anya o ok thank you for answering me..I’m living in Mississippi but am originally from Albany ga so I’m a ga peach at heart 😉thank you tho for your answer

    • days rays says:

      Now if she can only learn how to wash her hands after she uses the bathroom lol

  15. ScottishGirl says:

    Love how she starts out saying she didn’t pick other houses because the floors would be expensive to replace and then goes into how she is basically demoing EVERY room!🤦🏽‍♀️

  16. Lucia Gungxwana says:

    Love the baby talk… Either she’s pregnant or has considered other options to grow her family either way happy for you A… Lovely home by the way😍😍😍can’t wait for the tour when everything is done.

  17. Craig Furlow says:

    While I KNOW she’s going to make this house just as beautiful, I actually like the old house better! It’s just more open. And I’m not a fan of how this one is set up. Anywho, all the blessings to you and the hubby on setting up your new life for the bundle of joy! 🙂

    • Fort says:

      Craig Furlow
      I agree. This house is nice but the other one seemed better.

    • jyn88 says:

      I like this new house better. It seems smaller but better since it’s more functional. Each room or corner has a purpose. Too much open space looks and feel beautiful but it’s wasted space imo. I think this house is more family-friendly and cozy while being luxurious at the same time.

    • S W says:

      @jyn88 Agreed. There is more of a warmth to this house than the previous. It feels more practical, better suited to raise a family in. I like it!

    • Des G says:

      Like the older house better. This one seems smaller, less open

  18. L M says:

    I love how A thinks about every single other person in her life and makes a space for those people in her new home 🥰

  19. Shannon says:

    I just don’t like how close the neighbors are. Paying that much for a house I want it to be secluded some

  20. NB D says:

    the kardashians influence everything, its funny to see how even celbs are all like trying to live minimal and modern now!

    • Aissatou Bah says:

      The Kardashians didn’t invent that lmaooo

    • Kait Lorenz says:

      NB D the modernization has been in for awhile now. Plus, the way Kim explained it, it makes a lot of sense with how fast paced there life is and coming home to something super minimal and not busy. Gives them a break that’s serene, so it makes sense, but there’s a lot of stuff that isn’t minimal in her home that a Kardashian would never have, especially Kim

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