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24 Responses

  1. Miss Abra says:

    Seeing Loona looking adorable and Blitzø being a worried dad is actually really wholesome

  2. Pepper says:

    Finally seeing Asmodeus’ relationship with Fizzie be acknowledged as a scandal across hell is great!

    • サングラス男 says:


    • Zakir Stocks says:

      You guys at VivziePop are definitely and totally the Best of the Best! 😊😊😊😊😊

    • Unlesh THE FANDOM says:

      Looks amazing love

    • casi says:

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  3. VariusMayhem says:

    0:22 Stolas sitting in the dark, moody
    0:23 More human Loona
    Also 0:23 Blitz seduction
    0:24 Seemingly Stolas and Blitz messing around
    0:25 Moxxie in a heist with a partner in crime?
    0:26 Blitz nervous about something?
    0:27 Fizzerolli and Blitz, seemingly in a flashback?
    0:28 Blitz and Stolas seemingly plotting something, Blitz glancing over to the Grimoire
    0:29 Stella and Stolas having a little chat and both seem rather displeased
    Also 0:29 Blitz in the human world again?
    0:30 Asmodeus and Fizzerolli caught redhanded?
    0:31 Is that Striker telling Moxxie to lie to his father?
    Also 0:31 Fizzerolli backstabbing Blitz over MareHuana
    0:34 Blitz killing humans
    0:37 Striker swinging on a whip before getting a stalagmite to come down to his opponents M&M
    0:40 Potion turns imp to human?
    0:42 Dem clown shades… and dildo fireworks
    0:43 Those demon fans getting lit by the laser show
    0:44 Octavia is in no great mood whatsoever…
    0:45 More Striker guns galore
    0:46 Asmodeus tossing some flames to Fizzerolli
    0:50 M&M and Striker toe to toe…
    0:51 Flashback Blitz’s past?
    0:53 Asmodeus scandal
    0:54 Fizzerolli striking a match
    0:55 More human Loona
    0:56 More bird demons
    0:57 Millie ripping off the face from a demon and ripping his jaws wide open? Geez!
    0:58 Seemingly Octavia’s hand resting a smartphone on the bedside table to charge.

    This showed several things… And I can not wait to see Millie go on a bloodrage again. 😛

    • Beck Smith says:

      Millie is one of the greatest fighters I’ve seen. She’s got melee and ranged weapons down, she’s amazing unarmed (seeing how she ripped a demons skull open), and she’s adorable while doing all of it.

    • Sudoku!! says:

      The scene where Striker is holding the sign to Moxie is a reference to the movie Love Actually

    • Evie Bee says:

      0:29 looks like a human version of Stolas to me 👀

  4. Final BossGamer says:

    Wow. Talk about next to no one-off characters. More Octavia, more Striker, more Asmodeus, and More Fizz. Cant wait to see how this turns out!

  5. Predatorwarrior18 says:

    Wow, I’ve only just got into this series and I have never seen Loona act that nice to any of her co-workers or Blitz before. Course she could just be doing it because she’s got the hots for that new Hellhound we just saw, who called her a hottie, and she doesn’t want to leave yet.

  6. Seshidao says:

    Noticed a lot of Mammon branding throughout the trailer. Looking forward to the eventual unfolding of how that ring functions/looks. Really hope they explore more backstory for characters, a big scenario comes to mind regarding Blitzo & Fizz’s past. Perhaps we’ll see who really messed things up initially?

  7. Bethany H says:

    BACKSTORY!! I’m SO looking forward to this next season! Vivzie and the team have been kicking it out of the park! The quality of this show has only gotten better, and I’m so looking forward to seeing how everything plays out!

  8. Azoura KT says:

    0:23 – 0:25 I’m already getting the vibe that the roles are swapped now. Ever since Stolas saw Blitz shut down and say such things from the last episode, he’s been distant, and obv not flirty anymore. Depressed, basically. Looks like the scene shows Blitz trying to seduce/flirt but Stolas is clearly evading it. I’m really excited, yet nervous to see how things go.

  9. Atlas says:

    Is no-one gonna talk about how incredibly fluid and down right gorgeous Loona’s animation here is? Also seeing her not grumpy is always a win

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