HELLUVA BOSS – The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

HELLUVA BOSS – The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!

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WARNING: for horse!

Pilot Episode ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlahN…​
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56 Responses

  1. OwO says:

    When I’m becoming a history teacher, I’m going to say that this used to be the old western days.

  2. TrueAsianGamer says:

    17:24 -17:30
    This animation bit is flawless and sends so much fear

  3. Attakrus says:

    When Blitzo mentions that Striker might join I.M.P, his face kind of looks genuine when Moxie seems upset about the news.

  4. Mercury Ruined says:

    the sexual tension between Blitzy and Striker was just- damn. the talking, the expression and the atmosphere UHHHH just so perfect.
    each episode never fail to amaze me wow

  5. dusky. says:


  6. Mint Sn0w says:

    Little theory/headcanon:
    Stella is so willing to talk to the hitman she sent to kill Stolas in front of him, probably is because she figures he won’t listen to what she’s saying. In the scene when Stella is speaking and it pans out, Stollas clearly isn’t listening and is reading his grimore.
    But its a possibility she’s so blinded with rage that Stolas has cheated on her so often, she THINKS that stolas isn’t listening and so she talks freely about wanting him dead. That’s why whenever he goes out to somewhere with a lot of people (the fair and the festival) he asks Blitzo to come with in hopes that, even if it isn’t his job, he’d still protect Stolas.

    • olivia Lopez says:

      Great theory, you should work for film theory.

    • Iota says:

      He’s not reading his grimoire, the book he’s holding says “Imps in the sheets” on the cover.

    • NoOneInParticular says:

      That’s quite an interesting point, and I can see it leading to further develoment.

      And i only thought about it for a punchline: this is their way of working out their marriage.

    • Mint Sn0w says:

      @Male Vores I’m sure that it’s not that easy considering that they’re royalty and most likely had an arranged marriage. They’re royal, demon overloads (at least I beleive so, I know stolas is a prince)

    • pkMist says:

      @Male Vores It’s probably an arranged marriage, and divorcing royalty for a low-class imp wouldn’t look good for Stolas’ image.

  7. Sapphire X says:

    Small detail, but I love how Blitzø looked genuinely enraged when Striker almost made him shoot Moxie. For all oh his faults, Blitzø really does care about his employees.

  8. Autumn The Pansexual says:

    “I am not above hitting a female in front of her daddy.”

  9. Ryuna-san says:

    “I’m not just his hellhound.”
    “Yeah, she’s my DAUGHTER!”

    *Everyone liked that.*

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