Help Me Defend The Freedom Factory…

Help Me Defend The Freedom Factory…

If you can’t come, you can help by emailing (and YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND ADDRESS) “I Oppose Application PA-21-09/Ordinance – Large Scale Comprehensive Plan Map and Text Amendment 23-11 PLN2111-0048” to,,,,,,

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29 Responses

  1. Cleetus McFarland says:

    For all the main channel comments. I actually get better response to things like this on the second channel. I will put this on the main channel in a different way. I obviously consider these types of things but thank you for all the reminders 😂

    • Benny G says:

      Need to make the developer responsible for noise mitigation, not the track owners.

    • Jacob Showalter says:

      @Benny G this is true I just meant as a last resort sorta deal.

    • Danny James says:

      You damn well I sent an email, we can’t lose our content😂😂

    • Benny G says:

      Make a Tshirt and stickers so people can wear their support. Start a petition.

    • Kevin Yancey says:

      I’m guessing that the developers already bought the land, and they won’t give it up at cost, as long as there’s a chance of converting it into residential use. If defeated, then they’ll want to dump it as fast as they can. I don’t know why these developers always do this! You build far enough away from homes, to not annoy them, then they build closer and complain about the noise! It’s like jumping off a tall building, then suing the property owner for your injuries…

  2. Dallas Alley says:

    Clete, as a zoning official I’m here to help reach out and I’m on board. There are many things we can look at. Environmental impact being one.

  3. Wesley Grabowski says:

    I did my part and sent an email just a few minutes ago! Being in Minnesota, I only get a good six months to go racing. I’ve never been to Bradenton or the Freedom Factory, but I know what drag racing means to me, and I’d be heartbroken to lose the track I race at. I always try to support tracks and, more importantly, the people involved with these tracks. They’re the ones who put their livelihood into these places for the rest of us to have a safe environment to do what we love. For that reason alone is enough to give them unconditional support.

  4. phreshhatch says:

    I got you garret! This channel has been such a great thing and has helped me through so much the past couple years and I’ll do anything I can to help you out and see that u get what u need from this! Everyone respect garret and make sure your emails are respectful and helps give him and the tracks the respect and attention they deserve!!!! I love you guys! Keep your heads up! There too many of us to be ignored so every please email them and let’s see if we can get this turned around🙏🏻

  5. Foul News says:

    This is exactly what killed Raceway Park in New Jersey. One of the only NHRA tracks in the area and the owners finally had enough of the years of back and forth with the town being called on them by new neighbors on a weekly basis. I’ve sent emails out to everyone in your description and hope that there will be some positive news coming from this!

    • Foul News says:

      @Todd Kennedy Likewise. After their closure, the only option was either Atco or Island Dragway. I used to live close to Island and it was a great track, but you’d never get the scale or quality of events that would be held at Raceway Park. Now that I’m close to the Freedom Factory and BMP, I hope that they don’t face the same issue as well.

    • Todd Kennedy says:

      I’m still pissed off about that

  6. KyleDDJ says:

    I hope thousands of people show up in person that would be huge!! Garrett does so much for his people and I’m happy to see a racetrack actually getting more and more popular with time. We gotta show up, email and sell out these events at bradenton and the freedom factory!

  7. URHYNS says:

    Written email in opposition sent from Melbourne, Australia. We’re with you mate. The world today is not defined by geographic limitations, we as subscribers and fans have been on a long journey watching and supporting as you grow, and this track means something to all of us, no matter how close or far we are from it. All the best.

  8. Deviant Kind says:

    This is sad. Sorry to hear you’re facing this, Garrett. I’d show up for you, but I’m self employed and have my own grind going on to keep a roof over my head. Best of luck finding a solution to prevent this from happening!!

  9. Specialeyes says:

    Email sent to all of them. We battled the planning commision in our neighborhood and sucessuflly fought off apparments being built next to our housing development. It wouldn’t have been a big deal, but when the houses were being built, we were all told it was going to be retail and then after the houses were built, they said it was going to be apartments and then we found it it was zoned for aprtments the whole time.

  10. Christian Resto says:

    Let’s not forget Garrett also went to school to be a lawyer. He is the best to spearhead this! Lets go Cleet!!!

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