Henry Cavill on Working with Tom Cruise & Mission: Impossible Stunts

Henry Cavill on Working with Tom Cruise & Mission: Impossible Stunts

Henry talks about Tom Cruise getting hurt doing stunts in Mission: Impossible, and reveals what it was like getting his motorcycle license for the movie.

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Henry Cavill on Working with Tom Cruise & Mission: Impossible Stunts

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88 Responses

  1. Abhimanyu Bhat says:

    Heโ€™s seems like such a nice guy

  2. Insomniac Maniac says:

    Superman vs. Maverick. Bliss

  3. Jino Lawrence says:

    Have you seen him bleed ? ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Hassan Ali says:

    Tell me I’m not the only one who thought “do you bleed”

  5. cartman2dk says:

    americans inventing cars what? thats not true.

    • LOL mastergame says:

      Well automobile means self driving. A car is always an automobile yet an automobile may not be a car. An electric scooter is also an auto mobile.

    • LOL mastergame says:

      If I declare a chair a thingadoo I am still not the inventor of the thingadoo.

    • LOL mastergame says:

      Just some trivia:

      The inventors of the car:
      Internal combustion engine powering a cart was invented in the Netherlands in 1673.
      First usefull car build in France for their army in 1769 (used to drive artillery around)
      First model resembling a car (“Samohyb”) build in Russia.
      A lot of automobiles in England later, all of them now steam cars,
      1828 first bus line in Great Britain. Car traffic becoming common in Britain.
      Many successful car models in Great Britain, including working busses and trucks.
      First relevant invention in the USA: a working electronic car.
      Mineral gas powered car in France in 1860.
      Mineral oil powered car in Germany in 1860.
      Renown manufacturer starts building cars in France in 1884.
      Benz in Germany combines the model of the Russians and the German engine of 1860 to the “Motorwagen”. First car to resemble the modern car scheme.
      First known electric car build in Germany in 1888.
      First big scale production of cars in 1894 in Germany.
      First fuel powered bus in 1895 in Germany.
      First car faster than 100 km/h 1901 in France.

      The French, German and Brits invented cars.
      The US was a construction site in the twentieth century and later, yet the car was not at all their idea.

      The “original” side of the road is certainly the British side as they were the first with a proper set of rules for cars and the first to implement the car in the public.

      France and Germany decided for the other side though and this site has become common in moat countries.

    • LOL mastergame says:

      So the chassis of a modern car is RUSSIAN the engine is BRITISH/GERMAN/FRENCH and the first modern car was GERMAN.
      The first mass scale production was GERMAN. The first modern factory was AMERICAN.

    • Timothy Theron says:

      Whether Americans invented cars or not is irrelevant. Road rules (i.e which side of the road to drive) predate cars. There were horse drawn carriages before cars. Once cars were invented, they just stuck to those same rules.

  6. NOMO FOMO says:

    Jimmy you wasted a good portion of the interview asking Henry about Tom. Ugh!

  7. Sarah says:

    actually a german invented the car

  8. Yoda the dancer says:

    A superman casting can’t get more perfect than this

  9. TheRising Karma says:

    1:02 It took him a second there, but he definitely got the “do you bleed” reference!! Such a funny insertion by kimmel !!! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

    • Ray. H says:

      TheRising Karma that needs to be a gif

    • Tekusake says:

      Especially funny how he went through several phases ๐Ÿ˜€
      – “Huh, did I see him bleed?”
      – “Hah, that’s from Batman v Superman.”
      – “I see what you did there.”

  10. Sammy Derrick says:

    I’m sure some ladies have already gotten pregnant from looking at this guy…That’s one of his superpowers. Superman

  11. urielsin chapes says:

    Aaaaaaand………… Pregnant.

  12. 7down bo says:

    man he is handsome. he is really superman

  13. lordcrumb07 says:

    It took a British guy to give us a decent Superman since Christopher.

  14. tatikto says:

    What a beautiful man

  15. Gilsz WARRIOR says:

    Kimmel be like “have you seen him bleed?”,me be like”batman v superman”

  16. Tramaine Terrance says:

    Henry Cavill is awesome.


  17. Your Daddy says:

    My sister ran into her room after watching this episode…i wonder why?

  18. Chris. M says:

    Henry Cavill to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond pretty soon.

  19. Raghu Seetharaman says:

    Henry Cavill when it comes to interviews he is very careful to the answers he gives. Even when it’s humorous questions.

    • Mr. Fufu Cudlypoops says:

      Raghu Seetharaman he said something in an interview about a week ago that got a lot of people angry so he’s just very careful.

    • Rushav Kumar Panda says:

      Go check his Instagram posts. He’s one of the funniest and wittiest celebs around. Do some research people.

    • Matt Malinchak says:

      Glenmoral-Ocean Until all these corny liberals are all gone in 5 years

    • Sweet Karma says:

      Raghu Seetharaman This is an understatement lol if you go back and watch other interviews he’s so particular about what he says but makes the interview fun and he dodges certain questions then will give a little tease for every question he can’t answer lol genius

  20. internetmaster1 says:


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