Henry Cejudo announces his retirement after beating Dominick Cruz at UFC 249

Henry Cejudo announces his retirement after beating Dominick Cruz at UFC 249

Henry Cejudo became just the second man in history to defend a UFC title in two different weight classes after Daniel Cormier, then he announced his retirement… #UFC249

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65 Responses

  1. thailand smile says:

    I don’t believe he is retiring at all

  2. Arshad Ali says:

    No doubt he is cringe but he backs it up. EVERYTIME

  3. Jeyson Cabrera says:

    “I just want to thank everybody.”
    Stadium: ……

  4. Castorp Z. says:

    Cejudo wants big pay check as TRIPLE-C for an epic comeback. He wants his red panty night too.

  5. andrew logan says:

    I don’t think one person believed that he’s retiring lol

  6. pg says:

    Lmfao bro 3:47 is the funniest picture.. Henry in the back posing as dom complains to joe 😂😂

  7. Johnny Pingouin says:

    A GSP like retirement…

  8. Sig says:

    Dom was getting up, with only 2 or 3 seconds left in the round.. bad stoppage imo.

    yeah I’m salty as f*ck,.

    • Alex Amaya says:

      Dom was getting dominated.

    • Toxicolaris says:

      @spliff starr Yeah Ikr dude. He was blocking those punches with his head, tiring Henry out. As he said “I’m working my way up 🎈”
      Total casuals for not thinking that Cruz would of magically just stood up after being in that position.

    • spliff starr says:

      @Toxicolaris theres been plenty of instances where the fighter stands up and weathers the storm. Total casual indeed.

    • spliff starr says:

      @Toxicolaris magically? He was clearly on his way up if he was affected enough the blows would have sent him through the canvas.

    • LOL khars: the randomizer says:

      It’s a late stoppage lmao doesn’t matter if there were 2 seconds left in the fight everyone gets treated the same

  9. Aris Golseen says:

    He’s just taking a break… Almost all fighters who retired at one point made a comeback

  10. erron says:

    he’s retiring as an olympic gold medalist and multiple division UFC Champion to become a real estate agent!!!

  11. markus martin says:

    He’s not retiring, he just want dana to offer him a new contract. He’s smart but dana is smarter.

  12. FACTS DC says:

    Congrats Henry. I’m a Dom Cruz fan though. Just got caught. All fighters do eventually. Especially coming off years of lay-off

  13. King brah says:

    Henry: I’m retiring
    Dana white: Henry was never my friend

  14. Mackerel says:

    Lmao danas face in the back when he announced he was retiring lmaoooooo Dana hates triple C

  15. Lucas says:

    Who else was more aware of danas reaction with Cejudo than Cruz’s interview

  16. Keith Ehredt says:

    Cruz does recover quickly when he gets rocked. So I believe him

  17. warz0ne says:

    Henry ” Quad C” when he faces volkanovski

  18. Juan Ogandorivera says:

    He’ll be back he just never had a girlfriend , but he’ll be back

  19. Toxicolaris says:

    “I’m working my way up 🎈”
    Cruz was just tiring Henry out by blocking the 11+ punches with his head.

  20. Ronn Jerremy says:

    I just beat an old washed up fighter now I’m retiring

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