Henry & Mariota Make Sure Redskins Remember the Night They Played the Titans!

Henry & Mariota Make Sure Redskins Remember the Night They Played the Titans!

Derrick Henry and Marcus Mariota put together a huge touchdown drive early in the game. The Washington Redskins take on the Tennessee Titans during Week 16 of the 2018 NFL season.

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61 Responses

  1. Kaire Cheneau says:

    Who is doing these titles?

  2. Josue Tejada says:

    Derrick Henry should of started over Demarco last year when he was struggling

    • SangheiliWarrior says:

      He should have been a starter since the start of this season, Lewis is a joke, can’t even take a tackle anymore

    • Getting Instructions says:

      SangheiliWarrior Lewis is actually a baller, just nowhere near the astonishment Henry is. I think this potentially could be one of the best RB tandem in the league.

    • m4k1m41t says:

      I thought I was the only one who had that thought. The way this Titans offense is- they NEED Derrick Henry. I’ve seen too many east and west runs for no gain/loss from Dion

  3. Donavon McCrab #PatsStolemyRing #Eagles33-9Pats says:

    Just lose Titans we want the Browns in January

  4. Romain says:

    Come on with the title NFL, you can do better than that…

  5. Waterstampy says:


  6. Nite Hound says:

    Who going to sb my guess is saints and chargers

  7. Brandon 2x says:

    Titans underrated tbh had a winning record past 2 seasons and even won a playoff game and their name still doesn’t pop up smh

  8. Zanyy says:

    Payne, Allen, and Ioannidis are goons

  9. Pete Richardson says:


  10. cobra ksi says:

    NFL trying To make WWE Storylines with these titles LOL. Keep this UP!!

  11. The Mobile God says:

    Derek Henry the ?

  12. Homer Side Nigga says:

    Plz lose titans no one cares about y’all anyway we wanna see baker in the playoffs

  13. GlitchMod says:

    Title is so cringe

  14. BOB MAN says:

    This is the Mariota I like to see

  15. SW Productions says:

    Henry would be a top 10 running back in the NFL if he would’ve been starting since his rookie year

  16. Grant says:

    Maybe put that title on the video if/When the Titans win save yourself the embarrassment later and change it to like Amazing Drive by The Titans or Godly Drive by the Titans or Devastating Drive by the Terrific Titans Team points for Alliteration on that last one

  17. Dee says:

    So are they gonna take this down if titans lose? They talking like the titans was up by 35

  18. Stephano says:

    NFL turning into wwe. Horrible management.

  19. Cole Pratt says:

    This is ridiculous, take what should be the easiest game of the season and have our above average kicker miss an extra point and take out our Quarterback

  20. Justin says:

    Did a 12-year-old write this title??

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