Henry VIII – OverSimplified

Henry VIII – OverSimplified

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Music (licensed under a Creative Commons license).

Music by Kevin MacLeod:

Marty Gots A Plan
Fast Talkin
Covert Affair
Sneaky Snitch
Exotic Battle
I Knew A Guy

From Artlist:

Kevin Graham – Autumn
LMOP – The Whisper Man
Stanley Gurvich – Puddles
Otis McDonald – Celebration

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66 Responses

  1. Petar Toshkov says:

    Fun thing: When Charles V grow older he grew a beard to hide his inbred chin.


    “Brexit may have been influenced by Henry’s explosive loins” has gotta be a brand new sentence

  3. Lance Wilson says:

    When his 4th wife, Anne von Cleve arrived, he suddenly found her ugly mainly because he had only seen her on a portrait before, where she looked way better. So you can say that Henry VIII was the first victim of catfishing

    • Alexander Christopher says:

      Lance Wilson Oh, he’s not the only one nor the first. Though this one is the reverse of that. There was a story of a Chinese emperor who has many wives (which is kind of a norm for Chinese emperor back then). Because there are so many wives, he had a court painter to make portraits so that he can know which one is who and visits them for some lovemaking. The wives and concubines would bribe the painter to make themselves look more beautiful.
      Now, a beautiful wife/concubine of the emperor was about to be Fran her portrait, but she refused to pay the bribe. As a result, the painter made her look ugly. Because of that, the Emperor never visits her. They never met until the emperor decided that she (which he believes to be the ugliest wife he has) would be married off to a northern nomad chief so that said nomad wouldn’t invade China. During the ceremony, the Emperor realized how pretty she was and tried to exchange her with some other court lady, but it was too late. He promptly killed the painter afterwards.

    • Jinga TMT says:

      @Alexander Christopher So Basically Never CatFish In The Middle Ages or China Or Ever For That Matter

    • Henry VIII says:

      I can attest to my shear disappointment it was like expecting a thicc girl only to see she be paper thin. Unlike myself

  4. Ned Galac says:

    Did anyone else notice kid Henry playing the figurines of Leonardo from the TMNT and Jason from the Power Rangers.

    Reminds me of the Death Battle episode where they had Leonardo and Jason fight to the death.
    Anyone else got reminded of that when they saw him playing with the two?

  5. Tom The Cat says:

    I love that every time the Pope makes an appearance, he’s always counting money

  6. Akorn says:

    >8:26 “one of my best friends despite being an old-ass man
    >is a Catholic Church official

    *Oh… Ohhhh no…*

  7. Henry VIII says:

    When people say: Divorced Beheaded Died Divorced Beheaded Survived.

    Most people know my wives better than me

  8. MitchTheYoshi says:

    Do the English Civil War: Oversimplified!

  9. Bilimin Sırları says:

    Catherine was right that it was Henry’s problem because male DNA determines the gender of the kid.

  10. Ayamm_ematuk says:

    Oversimplified fans: we want Napoleonic wars!
    Oversimplified: *Fat King*

  11. Niggapoleon Surrenderparte says:

    Henry’s wives gave birth to a girl

    This enraged henry who punished them severely

  12. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Wife: (Gives birth to girl)

    Henry: *So you have chosen death*

  13. Binski 122 says:

    “Also because of the wife killings?”
    “Yeah, definitely the wife killings.”

  14. Khane Bendecio says:

    Henry’s Daughter Exists*

    Henry: Wanna meet God?

  15. edge lord says:

    One of Henry’s wives gives him a son

    Henry: *this is fine*

    Henry’s son: *ight imma go die*

    This enraged Henry and you know the rest.

  16. Maura Dann says:

    And now we have a musical about the six wives lol “Divorce, Beheaded, Died, Divorce, Beheaded, Survived!”

  17. Richard Gonzalez says:

    Queen: gives female heir
    Henry VIII: im about to end this womans whole career

  18. HA TE says:

    After that henry vii’s wives form a girl group , And decided who have the worst life with henry vii be the group leader.

  19. Electric Napkin says:

    Oversimplified: Henry was an idiot

    Me: *correction* Henry was a murdering idiot

  20. James - I love SЕХ :* TAP ON MY PROF1LE :* says:

    Henry got Latin wrong which enraged his teacher who punished him severely which is illegal so that enraged the guards who punished him severely….. by lobbing off his head

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