Herding Ducks For A Day

Herding Ducks For A Day

Do we have what it takes to herd ducks for a day, and become official Duck Masters?  GMM #1426

Thank you to the Peabody Memphis and the Peabody Ducks for letting us waddle around their lobby for a day– https://www.peabodymemphis.com/ducks-en.html

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35 Responses

  1. Napoleon Blownapart says:

    I love that guy enthusiasm!

  2. CityinFlames says:

    Rhett and Link officially a bunch of quacks

  3. Ruby Annas says:

    I love how the ducks actually gathered around for their story lmao

  4. Zaziuma says:

    I can’t believe that this is something that happens every day and I had no idea.

  5. Dogon Backwards says:

    Rhett has a third leg at 6:37. You’re welcome.

  6. EJ Banfield says:

    WADDLE we do ?????

  7. ezmer2dragon says:

    I laughed at the wasp only because I know I would do the same.

  8. Alexs Channel says:

    Link: ” sorry your not harry your feathery”.
    Rhett in the background: “it’s still a name.”

  9. J K says:

    If you guys get sick of doing the regular show I would happily watch you do a travel show where you do stuff like this. You can’t eat bull testicles and weird stuff forever. Moar travel! Less food!

  10. Shay says:

    “Adjacent to acceptable” my new favourite insult ?

  11. Nasser Feed says:

    I don’t know what the f*** I watched but I like it

  12. Emily Cowles says:

    Everyone in the audience was so unenthusiastic to see the ducks ? I wonder how that guy keeps his act up so well having to deal with such a tough crowd every day ?

  13. Derivative MVs says:

    The Backup Plan series ended, right?
    This isn’t at all them suggesting they might be bringing it back…

  14. allisworld1isme says:

    I didn’t realize how much I needed these field trip episodes until I GOT EEE…. got them.

  15. Jessica Ross says:

    Anthony ‘ you know what time it is?’
    Link ‘time to spin the wheel of Mythicality…’
    Sorry Link, wrong setting??

    Rhett got so excited he was living the saying ‘water off a ducks back’?

  16. Teen Aesthetics says:

    They don’t name the ducks because after the wings grow back they send them back out in the wild and they get new ones and clip their wings so the can’t fly. So it is never the same for awhile. So if a customer ask they just make up a name

  17. Sanskar Khatri says:

    “It takes two guys to deal with this hoes”

  18. Mixtology says:

    Duck Master threw the classiest of shade.

  19. Alex In Wonderland says:

    “You know what time it is…”
    “Time to spin the wheel of Mythicality”
    “No” ??

  20. Trixie188 Video Productions says:

    This reminds me of the old gmm where they went looking for jobs after “internetainment” failed

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