Here’s how the coronavirus stimulus affects you

Here’s how the coronavirus stimulus affects you

The CARES Act, signed into law on Friday, is the largest economic stimulus package in history. The bill allocates $2.2 trillion to people and businesses negatively impacted by the coronavirus’ effects on the economy. Jill Schlesinger joins “CBS This Morning: Saturday” to explain if and how the stimulus will affect you.

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104 Responses

  1. Martyr D' Roam says:

    Your audio is 1/4 of what the advertising audio is this morning

    • Martyr D' Roam says:

      @Your Toto yeah I got romance scammed and now I can’t afford the premium service

    • Martyr D' Roam says:

      @Benny D Martinez welcome Benny thank you

    • Martyr D' Roam says:

      @Augie Cleland yes it’s turned into a rigged wrestling match, pretty much

    • Your Toto says:

      @Martyr D’ RoamYou don’t need premium service. All you need is Firefox browser with Ublock Origin installed. Or you can use Brave browser which is super fast and takes care of all the ads automatically. that’s what I use, Brave browser.

    • Martyr D' Roam says:

      @Metsfan92 Professor Francis Boyle has an interesting perspective on the origins of this novel virus

  2. William Degener says:

    They do have a facility to print checks. They use it every year for tax returns

    • j G says:

      Right next to where they print the funny money

    • 90AlmostFamous says:

      @Borderlands808 printer inks are expensive than the printers themselves , so good luck with that xD

    • Crown royal says:

      sean watts your old bank gets the money, you are up the creek.

    • Jim says:

      @90AlmostFamous Ah I remember the conservative biatching about printing money during the Obama era bailouts. It was annoying and laughable.

    • 90AlmostFamous says:

      @Jim most of it did went straight into CEOs pockets as a bonus ! tell me how your bank is failing and you are getting bonus, what bogus system is that, It just fundamentally wrong, doesn’t matter if you are conservative or liberal. We are all getting ripped when profits are privatized and losses are socialized.

  3. Jayson Sumner says:

    who else had to raise their audio to max volume because of this video?

  4. A longknife says:

    I rather my credit be cleared in exchange of that money

    • Veruk says:

      @90AlmostFamous I agree we need to cut the military in a BIG way and I build ship for them. But how often do we forgive debt? Every year, every 10 years or just this one time. Why are you more deserving of this then the next generation or the government taking on all home owners debt. Why not that? More people have homes than school debt, let’s pay that off…the US government needs to shrink it’s debt not take on more.

    • AztecaLord 007 says:


    • David Chiao says:

      @Django Fett Go for a 4 years contract with the military and boom, free college

    • David Webb says:

      Now that I agree with.

    • Ophelia Rolle says:

      Nice one. I would too.

  5. E R says:

    The audacity for them, to think tapering down of payment possible earn, it should be a flat amount and should be 2500 USD, people need perspective, various corporations double dipping into tax payers money, to the tune of 26 trillion USD after 2008, people need to get a grip of value.

  6. Johnny Casteel says:

    This is just hush money while TRILLIONS of dollars go to the banks and corporations just like in 2008 but LARGER…
    Wake up America

    • Casale Smith says:

      @thirdeyeshine the gas is cheaper now because we are not getting it from other countries. As far as college the fees are sit by the colleges that are own by unions and government grants all education is. One hand washes the other as the saying goes.

    • Django Fett says:

      @Jason Tempel try typing out coherent thoughts.

    • Django Fett says:

      @Casale Smith College is more expensive now because republicans have cut funding to public colleges for decades.

    • Jason Tempel says:

      @Django Fett How many persons were convicted of a felony in your state last year?

    • Annie Sue says:

      @Casale Smith OMG the GOP have been war hawks since I started voting in late 70’s … the whole thing is social engineering they are all involved really think about that!

  7. Cristian Parra says:

    Small businesses get loans, large corporations get bailouts.

    • Car Lea says:

      Cristian Parra They can keep the money, free, if they keep the Workers.

    • omnitravis says:

      @Architectural Hallucinations reality of capitalism? Young person angst more like it. They employ vastly more employees and give better wages and benefits, unlike small businesses.

    • Arvind says:

      @Architectural Hallucinations exactly, why pay huge bailouts again to big corporation who don’t pay any in taxes, yet CEO and executive get their fat salary with bonus even during recession. Just pay directly to all the employees so they can pay their rent, buy food and pay taxes so government gets the money hey back. These are Trillion dollars companies, They are spread internationaly they have so much money that they can absorbe this tiny loss, they can afford to pay all of their employees for a year and make it all back in next 5days, but they never lay a helping hand during crises, instead they use it to get billion dollar handout from government which never helped the economy in the past, only made CEO richer

    • TXCarange 817 says:


  8. ELON PUFF says:

    I got a structured settlement and I need cash now

  9. cj wins says:

    Hush money. We’re gonna need more than that…

    • Joseph Rufo says:

      @Interfacer theres tax returns and unemployment insurance and social security. No one ever let’s u keep it all

    • Interfacer says:

      @Joseph Rufo Yup, “no one”.. magical mystery people who you don’t know.

    • Frances B says:

      @ Wifilost: The smartest and selfess comment of all of the comments. Thank you!!

    • say what says:

      all we needed was a freeze!! if everyone was given 3 months of not having to pay on debts to banks, and banks who hold the debt would not have to pay the mega banks they borrow from, both people in debt and the banks they make payments to, would all be protected, but this bill is all about the big banks who can afford a temporary freeze, and if they were called upon for loans, they could borrow from the federal reserve bank, or other mega banks and prevent a massive debt left on the backs of everyday american’s. this is all about the banks being put first, when a short term freeze would work and save over a trillion dollars!!

    • Jasmine Marshall says:

      Tell me about it

  10. mopthermopther says:

    “Money won’t help if you’re already dead.”
    — — Confucius

  11. Zegeebwah says:

    So I get to pay one month’s rent and some groceries while the Mega corporations get billions… tight.

    • Ralph Terry says:

      @Wade Brewer Yes, I agree with you. Most of us derive our paycheck directly or indirectly from big businesses. You may work for a small business that supplies products or services to a big business. Maybe you make a product that is a part used by another manufacturer in a device or machine used or sold by a big corporation. Suppose you houses or apartments you rent and your renter looses his job because Ford cancels its order for seat covers that your renter’s company supplies the fabric. Now, your income takes a hit. You decide that now is not the time to do some of the maintenance you had planned for some of your properties. Your small business painter, plumber, landscaper, or whatever take a hit. And the beat goes on. It’s a tightly strung web and damage to one part of it is felt through out. Try picking an industry you would be willing to let fail; transportation, communications, finance, agriculture, construction,medical? I know I can’t. Also, if you have a 401k or IRA, what is it invested in?

    • Satanic Matrix Awareness says:

      Corona Virus = Stimulus Package Trillions More Debt, Forced Vaccinations, Military Takeover via Martial Law, And Fema Death Camps. Watch and share.

    • Roger Dean says:

      Amber Elliott, most people won’t care that Bernie did that. He also held his ground about Republicans wanting to give blank checks with no stipulations… He’s not perfect like any politician, but he’s always thought of the people..

    • stephen says:

      Where is rent that cheap ?

    • JAGG KOUT says:

      1200 that will pay for part of my rent..lmao

  12. Scragglewaggle says:

    I think the letter is a “F” followed by a “U”

  13. Oswald Mosley says:

    America gets chump change while these billionaires and corporations fill their pockets

    • Zypherus says:

      Not really, cooperate executives are essentially barred from filling their pockets with this bill

    • Oswald Mosley says:

      @Zypherus you forgot to mention forced diversity quotas for anyone who takes this money

    • Zypherus says:

      @Oswald Mosley where does it say that?

    • Oswald Mosley says:

      @Zypherus did you even read it? Pelosi’s Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Mentions ‘Diversity’ 32 Times
      1,100-page bill would force all corporations receiving aid to fund ‘inclusion initiatives’ for at least 5 years.

    • Zypherus says:

      @Oswald Mosley Well thankfully thats not the bill that will be going into effect

  14. Machiavelli Patriot says:

    They need to stop the landlords and mortgage companies from throwing people out of their homes until people can get back to work.

    • Wise Guy says:

      @Shane Fowler neck beard says what? Don’t be stupid.

    • Penny Pincher says:

      @nakedBison69 Don’t quit your day job Naked BISON 69. Your rent is almost due. Be well.

    • Jason Hayden says:

      @Penny Pincher Good job, I also responded to this idiot using race as a factor.

    • Kado Artchikito says:

      nakedBison69 NakedBison likes to comment on the lives of people they’ve never met. Naked Bison is literally proving that they’re willing to talk on topics they have no factual information on. Naked Bison’s testimony would be thrown out in court and should be disregarded. Naked Bison is also a whining adult baby, getting snippy on the Internet over silly nonsense. 🙄

    • JAGG KOUT says:

      I own 5 townhouses. And 2 already are 3 months behund but Im giving them 3 months leeway.govermnet said .

  15. Brian Kruse says:

    1.35 trillion where did the other 850 billion go.

  16. Rouge Ninja says:

    That check gonna go faster than the amount of time it took to print it out

    • Car Lea says:

      edmundo oliver To rob a bank.

    • Bill Mueller says:

      I filed bankruptcy 3 years ago, ready to buy a hose,got fired,need to find a job in 30 days from the 18 of March 2020,if not got to wate 2 more years

    • Health Right 365 says:

      Bronx Bjorn actually, soon, any declared disaster area will be eligible for Disaster Unemployment Assistance for gig workers and self employed. Look at your state website for updates soon!

    • Car Lea says:

      Health Right 365 Absolutely!
      The Dems made sure gig and workers were included!!

    • LIT GOD says:

      Rouge Ninja that’s the point though…spend it to help boost the economy lol

  17. Martin Gutierrez says:

    I guarantee this money is coming out our taxes next year.

  18. Jones Factor says:

    The bill is a joke. Bails out big business that reported billions in profits.

    • Tom Manzo says:

      Jones Factor yeah instead of giving the airlines money, that money should go to the homeless.

    • Trsdos original says:

      Big business gets about 25 percent. Public health, student loan forgiveness relief to individuals and help for Mom and Pop stores get 50%

  19. David Hord says:

    Quote of day: “the need of the many DOES NOT outweigh the greed of the few”

  20. J G says:

    Middle class gets f’d again. Really shouldn’t be based on household gross.

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