Here’s Why the 2019 BMW X7 Is the Best Big Luxury SUV

Here’s Why the 2019 BMW X7 Is the Best Big Luxury SUV



The 2019 BMW X7 is the newest full-size luxury SUV — and the best. Today I’m reviewing the BMW X7 to show you why the X7 is so great — and I’m taking you on a full tour of the X7, to show you all the cool technology and features of the new BMW X7.

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62 Responses

  1. Dan Tarakanov says:

    Dual pane also keeps out cold, or heat. Its science!

  2. Dan Tarakanov says:

    *If my parents had a car like this:*

    Sibling: I CALL SHOTGUN!
    me: ok

  3. Nathan Benoit says:


  4. Pinormous says:

    The grille doesn’t bother me up front, the hood gap does.

  5. Shift Gears says:

    Brand new BMW $90k and 2 year later $20k

  6. Michael Nguyen says:

    Doug is the type of dude that say the BMW X7 front grill is too small.

  7. TekGeekHD says:

    I want Daddy Doug to explore my quirks and features.

  8. wuufer001 says:

    so meaning 1st, 2nd and 3rd row passengers will be soaked in rain while waiting for the seats to move forward and back

  9. Bogusław Kretshotslaw says:

    But does it come with CarMax bumper to bumper warranty?

  10. Roy McLellan says:

    BMW hired the concept artist from “TRON: Legacy” to design the interior.

  11. Dino Pappous says:


  12. Connor Newell says:

    yea and it’ll only break down on you 50 times! what a deal!

  13. Shaw Douglas says:

    Doug is the type of guy who reads the instructions on the inside of the condom box.

    • Zach Brown says:

      Shaw Douglas the fact that you know those directions are even there says more about you than it does about Doug. and for the record, if you want to be accurate with your attention-whoring “Doug the type of guy to blahblahblah” comments, take out the word ‘is’.

    • Kermit of Rivia says:

      Shaw Douglas
      Shaw is the type of guy who’d record his wife get screwed by a black man.

    • ThatFly WelshGuy says:

      Doug – “ok, so lets take a look here! I’d give the packaging an 8 out of 10 with ease of access a 5”

    • Be Real says:

      +Zach Brown Damn you’ve gone sour.

  14. Cameron7127 says:

    He didn’t even mention the heated and cooled cup holders ?? Doug you missed something!!!!!

  15. King Gabe Gomes says:

    When a car’s 3rd row has more climate controls than your cars 1st row. ?

  16. Owen Miller says:

    “Let’s say it’s a tight parking spot and you’re nervous about pulling out.” ~ Doug DeMuro, 2019

  17. Russ666 says:

    The back of the car looks almost like the Dodge Durango

  18. charlesmartin82 says:

    I’m glad the minivan is making a comeback.

  19. Justin Frias says:

    That grill looks like the angry furnace in home alone

  20. friendlywhiteguy says:

    In 5 years, half of the functions and features will stop working. lol just kidding, I love BMW

    • ThatFly WelshGuy says:

      friendlywhiteguy you’re right about both… over complicated and will break but… I still love their ingenuity

    • Tucsonan Dude says:

      That doesn’t matter. Most buyers will only keep this car 3-5 years. Auto makers only build cars for original buyers. After that long, longevity of features mean very little to BMW.

    • ThatFly WelshGuy says:

      +Tucsonan Dude this is very true. But also adds to BMW’s reputation as unreliable. Which I agree with in newer vehicles and disagree with for their older vehicles.

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