Hermitcraft 8 Episode 4: Big Base EXPANSION!

Hermitcraft 8 Episode 4: Big Base EXPANSION!

Hermitcraft season 8 episode 4! We start out Ep 4 of Hermitcraft S8 by signing up for Grian’s new game Tegg. Tegg’s objective is to find the dragon egg and hide it in your base for as long as possible. After Grian bamboozled us, we find the egg and hide it in our base! We also start our Hermitcraft base expansion by building a new wagon with a Bee farm. The new wagon will be home to our copper waxing service and all things honey. I hope you liked the build and the fun we had with Tegg. See you in the next episode!

Gecko’s Bee from we will use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIadOmbdjtg&t=83s

Hermitcraft Season 8 playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSCZsQa9VSCdDJmIMkIuK0XazfnI677oV

Hermitcraft SMP – season 8 info:

We have 2 new Hermitcraft members for the new season:
*GeminiTay: https://www.youtube.com/user/GeminiTard
*PearlescentMoon: https://www.youtube.com/c/PearlescentMoon

We are all playing and building on one big Hermit island together with Minecraft proximity voice chat mod.

Seed: -7381235180058670651

For more information and links to all things Hermitcraft, follow the link to the Hermitcraft website: https://hermitcraft.com/


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32 Responses

  1. GoodTimesWithScar says:

    What kind of wagon should I build next? Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

    • Seth Drake says:

      a land carrier. like an aircraft carrier for all the little wagons but on wheels maybe with a ramp and side elevators and a maybe a little gas station to keep the smaller wagons topped up on fuel. also maybe a little workshop where the small wagons would be built and maintained.

    • av8rblues says:

      Scar you broke a torch and two spruce planks to get the egg so you cheated man

    • milan wauters says:

      hey scar i think you are allowed to hide the egg under that anvil but before you get told by us and believe us maybe ask grian about specifics without trying to expose where you wanted to hide it

    • Mister_J says:

      A circus themed animal wagon

    • Elwyn Thompson says:

      a wagon filled with knickknacks

  2. Forming says:

    Scar: “I don’t keep ender pearls on me because I’m not a nerd.”
    Impulse: “Shots have been fired.”

    • Bradley Walton says:

      ender pearls are nice because you can save rockets by using a pearl instead of an elytra for some areas

    • Luke Carney says:

      @Bradley Walton I find they are mostly useful for getting into tight spots when building redstone contraptions, that’s why all the redstone nerds use them.

    • Bradley Walton says:

      @Luke Carney that too. I always just build it in a creative test world to make sure it works, then I can create a litematic of it and build it bottom to top to avoid needing to access tight spots

    • Cee Craft says:

      @Bobbygreb I’m eagerly waiting to see if he does
      I love the bedrock service so much

    • Nerd Power says:

      Offense taken!!!


  3. PilotZach says:

    Scar- “I personally don’t keep enderpearls on me because I am not a nerd”

    Impulse- 👁👄👁

  4. F L says:

    Grian sounds so sassy when he says “I dont do lecturns I do signs.

  5. Shayden Prime says:

    “I did some off camera mining”
    – shows a 50 block high mountain made out of ore
    thats why I love scar xd

  6. PAR4N01D says:

    Enderman farm should be called the “Ender Vender”

  7. Daden_ says:

    “I am now down without breaking any blocks”.-scar

    Proceeds to break blocks to grab it lol

    • Ryan Sz. says:

      how else would he get it

    • 54m0h7 says:

      I think because you could technically bring a piston down and get it without breaking blocks that they won’t care that you do. Just a time saver. Also.. haha rules.

    • Zachary Miles says:

      Honestly, it’s a dumb rule. As long as the blocks get replaced, the egg was still found, you know?

  8. A.V. N says:

    Scar: “I’m not breaking any rules, i’m not breaking any blocks”
    Also Scar: *breaks two wooden plank blocks* XD GG

  9. Max Welton536,329 says:

    “We have not broken any blocks”
    *immediately breaks two blocks and a torch*

  10. The Pokemon Samurai says:

    “You need to make it feel like someone lives there…”
    “…and that’s where the bees come in”

    I laughed hard at that 😂

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