Hermitcraft 9 Ep 37: I DID A BAD THING…

Hermitcraft 9 Ep 37: I DID A BAD THING…

Hermitcraft season 9 episode 37! This is not the episode I had planned for Hermitcraft today. I got distracted by Grian not finding the backside of the base and ended up in Docm77s base and things went really bad after finding his tunnel-boring redstone machine and accidentally blowing it up. The TNT was unforgiving. Grian and I tried our best to fix it and give him a gift. I can’t believe this happened!! See you in the next episode when we tell Doc we broke his tunnel bore machine.


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37 Responses

  1. GoodTimesWithScar says:

    To be continued…..

  2. Jay_244 says:

    Grian’s reaction to the machine breaking is the exact same energy as a group of students scattering as the headteacher approaches the window they just broke

    • M E says:

      This reminded of the family guy scene with the cool aid

    • ArcaVolt l'Arcanin says:

      Grian during the whole episode was like a kid

      First getting scolded for not finishing backs of bases

      Then fleeing in fear as soon as he broke something while screaming

    • Jay_244 says:

      @𝐁ﭐя𝚍🅰𝕝♡Ƭ𝓁 it iz what it iz

    • 𝐁ﭐя𝚍🅰𝕝♡Ƭ𝓁 says:

      I saw this same comment on Grian’s vid, I think someone stole ur comment

  3. Shadowcat says:

    Hearing Grian say ‘if you break this thing doc will kill you’ whilst having seen the thumbnail is like watching a tragedy play out in real time knowing you cant change the outcome

    • Matteo, The Immortal Flame says:

      It’s like watching Titanic. You’re just waiting for the shoe to drop. XD

    • InfiniteNayc says:

      It’s even better watching after having to see Docs recent tweets 💀😬

    • SkSkNutella says:

      Doc is about to bring out his inner 5AM Pearl, Red King, Red Life Joel, and Limited Life Martyn all at once. i am terrified

  4. MasterZapple says:

    I love how out of EVERYTHING to have a two parter on, THIS is the one. It’s like Docm’s so powerful that the simple act of disturbing him can lead to branches in the storyline

    • Brandon says:

      Gotta be the first time Scar just totally cut off a hermitcraft video with an irl skit like that too, no? Doc is really scary enough to make Scar lock himself away in game, and in person.

    • Laura says:

      grian said “this is docs world were just living in it”

    • Leom says:

      it’s like Loki with the alternative timeline things

  5. Osar, El Glorioso says:

    Man, Scar bluring Grians eyes at 18:15 to preserve his identity is hilarious

  6. V-Crazy says:

    Love how when scar calls the wheelchair scene “the cutest thing he’s seen all day” you just hear Jellie in the background like “HeY I HeArD tHaT hUmAn!!!”

  7. Nyerguds says:

    The funniest part about all this is that docm77 absolutely knew something like this would happen in the future, and prepared to take revenge in advance.

  8. Pandastra says:

    Scar tearing up when seeing Cleo’s wheelchair was so incredibly sweet, you can tell how much it means to him. Cleo did such a good job with the details!

  9. Justin Lakey says:

    Cleo really had everyone bawling when it came to the wheelchair. That was such a beautiful thing to do.

  10. L bird says:

    Cleos’s inclusivity always makes me feel less weird, and less like something to be gawked at, I use a cane and as a young person I always get yelled at/stared at, it always feels like I’m not meant to be in those spaces (even if I know I am) so seeing her add canes, and wheelchairs, it never ceases to make me smile (if everything goes well I’ll be getting a wheelchair in the next couple months as well), so I totally get what you mean about nearly crying about the wheelchair, as a fellow mobility aid user, I get it.

    • bools says:

      i hope you find success in obtaining a comfortable wheelchair!!!

    • Niko OwO says:

      same 100%! as a fellow young cane user i had to pause at seeing the armor stand with the cane and then the wheelchair one. i appreciate cleo so for this it means a lot to me to see people like me being represented as being part of scarland :]

    • Luis Suazo says:

      Is the people with less that has the most.

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