Hermitcraft 9: Episode 1 – LET’S BEGIN!

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 1 – LET’S BEGIN!

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 1 – LET’S BEGIN! Grian is back on hermitcraft for season 9 in a brand new hermitcraft season! What will happen this time?

Hermitcraft logo by @DnatorGames
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25 Responses

  1. WaterishPuppy says:

    Here we go, quality entertainment for months to come!

  2. macedonga says:

    It’s interesting how rarely hermits have the same ideas. Zed and Grian both starting in rocks is hilarious.

  3. Captain Wobbs says:

    I really hope that everybody’s bases being clustered means that the community will be tightly knit. Given the warm fuzzy feeling Boatem gave me with all their antics, I have a feeling that an interconnected populace would be a good thing.

    • Laila Jade says:

      yeah, last season everyone was pretty far away. you did have a few groups of people that were near eachother but boatem was definitely the best to watch because of all the interactions.If they all live really close together this season it’ll be so much better and less isolated

  4. bushramanoo says:

    “What’s wrong with scar?”
    Everything and we love him for it

  5. DodecaSalt says:

    I like to imagine Grian’s rock as a rock version of Howl’s Moving Castle

  6. OwO says:

    As always, the gang is making some fast progress in the first episode. Can’t wait to see the first big project being made in the next episode.

  7. Archie Gibson says:

    50% of Scar’s deaths are caused by Scar being Scar, 50% is caused by Mumbo and Grian taking Scar’s deaths to another level by making it so much funnier

  8. Space Kid says:

    Although I have watched every single season Grian has been in, this is the first season I get to follow from the very beginning!! I’m very excited!

  9. I Xerlix says:

    Could you make the “boulder” into an octopus with wood or something? 28:17 it looks like an octopus with no tentacles. You could make it look like it has roots coming out of it. It could add a bit to the living organism factor!

  10. Isaiah Dawane H says:

    “this is all going to go perfectly well with no issues whatsoever”
    *Literally 1 second later*
    “I forgot my coal” 🤣

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