Hermitcraft 9: Episode 1 – RICHEST HERMIT

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 1 – RICHEST HERMIT

Hermitcraft Season 9 FIRST EPISODE of the Minecraft let’s play! A new Season of Hermitcraft Server, Hermitcraft XI is here, and we are starting a new minecraft survival world together. In this first episode of Hermitcraft 9, Mumbo builds a starter base in Minecraft, which a secure Minecraft vault to store all Minecraft diamonds securely. Plays with GoodtimeswithScar, Grian and Iskall, and goes on a big Minecraft mining sessions to start a new minecraft world properly!

My Minecraft servers are provided by Nodecraft! Following this link gives you 30% off: https://nodecraft.com/r/mumbo

Filming channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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28 Responses

  1. Mysticat says:

    Don’t forget to jump before hitting mobs to do crit damage and make PvE much easier! Great luck for the season! 😀

  2. Wunba says:

    Can’t wait to see what happens this season! The beginning is literally always my favorite!

  3. Lathland says:

    This is the first time I’m watching one of the Hermitcraft seasons as they start! So hyped for this!

  4. gira sole says:

    Mumbo holding an axe, chasing Grian while saying “DID YOU WAX MY COPPER???” is the funniest thing ever

  5. obo topah says:

    Grian: Does anyone have any torches?
    Scar: I have 3 boats
    Scar’s thought process: Time for another boatem pole

  6. Steph Liz says:

    Nothing makes me happier than Grian’s and Mumbo’s infectious laughter.

  7. Mistilteinn says:

    Mumbo and Grian getting into antics at the start of every season puts a huge smile on my face. I’m so happy that Hermitcraft is back!

  8. Trey Callahan says:

    Scar looks like he’s feeling more than better

  9. Alyssa Hurley says:

    “This may be the most chaotic start ever” at least the admin didn’t break (looking at you, S7)

  10. Winter says:

    Mumbo: “Does anyone have torches?”
    Scar: “I have three boats”

    Perfect, Scar.

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