Hermitcraft 9 Episode 18: I MADE A MOVIE!!!

Hermitcraft 9 Episode 18: I MADE A MOVIE!!!

Hermitcraft season 9 episode 18! We start out with my Royal Audition tape: hOtGuY The Siege. I’m super proud of the movie trailer and hope you and KingRen like it. Also, we finish the landscaping around the Hub of the Mega theme park base.

It’s good to be back on Hermitcraft and working on the megabase and starting some new projects soon!

See you in the next episode of Hermitcraft!

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Hermitcraft SMP – season 9 info and seed coming soon.

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33 Responses

  1. GoodTimesWithScar says:

    Thank you so much for watching and all the amazing HoTGuY Movie reviews!

    My Links and stuff:
    * Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=21298347
    * Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/GTWScar
    * Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/goodtimeswithscar
    * Instagram: http://instagram.com/goodtimeswithscar
    *TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@goodtokswithscar

  2. ArminEghdamiDrums says:

    “HoTGuy”: The Siege” is a loving homage to th 80s action hero genre. The director did a splendid job in casting Scar in the main role as he perfectly mirrors the testosterone filled, muscle bound, over the top ation heros à la Arnold, Stallone or van Damme. A cinematic masterpiece and must see for this summer!!

  3. Prove It Brother [50%] says:

    “HoTGuy: The Siege” is an instant classic, with only one major flaw — you pay for a whole seat in the movie theater, but you’re only using the edge of it. 10/10.

  4. MoeYother says:

    My favorite scene in HotGuY: The siege was definitely when scar said “it’s HoTGuYing time” everyone went nuts!

  5. AutumnMay says:

    “Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot. All that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in that hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go” – Jamie Anderson

    This quote has helped me through grief in the past and maybe it will help someone else as well

    The tree was beautiful Scar! Hope you and the hermits are doing well despite the sad news ❤️

  6. Moidevaux says:

    When my husband took me to the cinema to see the new film ‘HoT GuY: The Siege’ I was honestly less then trilled. I thought it was just another stereotypical Man-Action-Explosion film, just like the other hundreds he made me watch and that I already had long forgotten, but hey- at least the main actor -Goodtimeswithscar- is hot, so at minimum I would have some eye candy. BUT LISTEN – I couldn’t have been more wrong. This movie is a masterpiece. This movie will change lifes – it certainly already did change mine. This movie will go down in history and if it will not win an Oscar, I seriously think the organisation is rigged.

    Once the movie ended and the credits started rolling, I had tears in my eyes and was at a loss for words. When the first people were leaving the room, I couldn’t understand: how can you witness such greatness and then just stand up and leave? I spent at least another hour (before staff kicked me out) in that cinema, just reflecting, thinking, contemplating, scared of how my whole life just changed and how nothing will be the same anymore. How could I just carry on the way I did before? Every single aspect of my life needed to be rethought. Even my husband -who brought me to this movie in the first place- just fell asleep waiting for me. Had he not witnessed what I just did? Did he not understand? Maybe I should divorce him.

    Now you may ask yourself: What is so special about this particular movie? Well let me tell you. Inspired by 80s’ Action Movies, the protagonist (Goodtimeswithscar) shows us what it means to be truly human and why we should celebrate life at every given opportunity. That life is worth fighting for. Why we should be compassionate and helpful to others (I can’t be the only one who cried like a river when he saved that poor iJevin from the revengers? Or defended the Soup-Crews bases from those terrifying monsters?). Even every side character grew so much on me and showed me that you never stop growing and evolving. Especially the character arc of RenTheKing, from a corrupted king to a benevolent ruler, was emotional and extremely well done. I don’t want to go into too much detail, since I don’t want to spoil you. Oh, what I would give to watch it again for the first time? If you are not convinced, please watch the trailer!

    I give this movie all the stars of the universe and I will watch it again. And I will show it to my kids. And my mother. My neighbours. Everybody should watch this movie. They should make it mandatory in schools. Can’t wait for the Sequel!

  7. Samuel Barr says:

    “HoTGuy: The Siege” takes a dramatic new approach at the superhero genre, bringing back the 80’s style we all know and love while combining modern elements seen in the newer movies. The director has put great thought into all aspects. The setwork brings us into many exotic environments, including a thriving theme park, a developed river valley, a modern home, and a castle fit for a king. The cast includes popular names like GoodTimesWithScar as the lead and other popular hermits in supporting roles. The test audiences have loved the humor and action and says “[HoTGuY] is a movie that anyone can enjoy whether you like the action or the humor.” This is one of, if not the best movie since the turn of the century. Make sure to include “HoTGuY: The Siege” on your watch list.

  8. Grant Newmark says:

    when the police duck said “respect his authority” I immediately thought of timmy. the sherrif gets no respect. But regardless this was an excellent episode and an awesome trailer I enjoyed

  9. froggylove224 says:

    “HoTGuy: The Siege” by writer, director, and producer “GoodTimesWithScar” is an action film like no other. Not only does the action leave the viewer at the edge of their seat, but the scenes were shot beautifully in a way that creates emotion within the viewer. The tracking shots following HoTGuy as he slayed the mobs allowed the viewer to feel one with the action. Overall, this film is a must-see for audiences of all ages so they can experience the wonderful journey of Scar as HoTGuy. I give this film a 10/10.

  10. Hyrule says:

    The tree you made for TFC is a wonderful homage to the legend. When I seen the little pickaxe you’ve placed leaning against the tree I couldn’t help but shed a tear, thank you scar for your kind words too and I appreciate you so much. I don’t comment often but I feel this was important.

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