Hermitcraft 9: Episode 3 – MY STARTER HOUSE!

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 3 – MY STARTER HOUSE!

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 3 – MY STARTER HOUSE! Grian is back on hermitcraft and decided its time to make a starter house.

Credit to Yumar for the inspiration for this roof!

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31 Responses

  1. Alfiheimr says:

    I really enjoy how Grian has started giving tiny tutorials after he builds something to explain how he did it.

    • Memes shorts says:

      @Amber sed ;(

    • Amber says:

      M̠y̠ p̠a̠r̠e̠n̠t̠s̠ s̠a̠i̠d̠ i̠f̠ I̠ g̠e̠t̠ 1̠,̠0̠0̠0̠ s̠u̠b̠s̠c̠r̠i̠b̠e̠r̠s̠ b̠y̠ t̠h̠e̠ e̠n̠d̠ o̠f̠ t̠h̠e̠ y̠e̠a̠r̠ I̠ c̠a̠n̠ g̠e̠t̠ a̠ g̠a̠m̠i̠n̠g̠ p̠c̠

    • Cobbweb Webster says:

      Now we have grians booty

    • Azriel says:

      I found Grian’s channel because he gave such good build tutorials, I have learned so much from him
      though he hasn’t done any dedicated tutorials recently due to hermitcraft I do still love learning with him
      probably the next thing for me to learn is gradients
      in fact I started watching hermitcraft the same time he joined in season 6

  2. Unicorn Couch says:

    Grian: “This build is intend to look like a magician or alchemist”
    Me: “…it’s a fancy shoe”

  3. An Old Man Plays says:

    Grian: “This build is intend to look like a magician or alchemist’s house”
    Scar: “Grians built a giant cat wearing a hat”

  4. tadlun002 says:

    Impulse has done this after building a wither sceleton farm. Then he built many withers under the center of the End island. The golems were just killing the wither wich was unable to do anything. That was s. 7

  5. Trending Video 🔥 says:

    I thought at 14:55 he was going to show us that he did the back, because we all know that It’s pretty exciting when Grain does that! Also double up your methods!

  6. Respect Real Person says:

    Grian and Scar, what a combination of talent, humor, and friendship. They could just fish for a whole episode, chatting the whole time, and I’d still enjoy viewing! When they are building, pulling shenanigans, traveling, mentioning future plans; it just multiplies the enjoyment for everyone. I really appreciate this episode. Thank you Grian!!! <3 ~respect

  7. Justa Guy says:

    Minecraft inventory really needs an improvement, block numbers have more than doubled in recent years and nothing but Shulker boxes has really helped that. The “Bag” half introduced in 1.18 was kind of a lame joke as it only helped stack items that don’t match. We could really use something like the Tool bar swap that you can do in creative.

  8. Paradoxicalitea says:

    I love how everyone ignored scar saying “what do they taste like” when talking about villagers

  9. Elizabeth Janczuk says:

    grian: (organises storage) me and everyone watching: (HAPPY TEARS WITH VIGOROUS APPLAUSE) *HE’S FINALLY DONE IT. OUR GRIAN IS FINALLY GROWING UP.*

  10. Labbit 35 says:

    “Why don’t people use it more”

    Well you see, the Java wither is easily exploitable and the bedrock wither is basically unleashing unstoppable destruction upon the land of Minecraft

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