Hermitcraft 9: Episode 30 – BACK TO HERMITCRAFT!

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 30 – BACK TO HERMITCRAFT!

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 30 – BACK TO HERMITCRAFT! Grian has completed Grumbot and is making his way back to the server, but it doesn’t seem they want us to leave..

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38 Responses

  1. Sacré Bleu Guy says:

    Grian leaving grumbot here is the equivalent of closing the fridge, hearing something break, and leaving it for the next person who opens it

  2. AvalonX says:

    Also Grian: Starts a universal war

    • Dragon King says:


    • Art-Games says:

      To be honest, the hermits weren’t that prepared for a war, I’d have prepared some long range tnt cannons or bombers to blow up the defenses of the rift, empire had a missile. If I was part of the hermits I’d have prepared some bombers aimed at the empire bases to force them to give up (I know this doesn’t make great storytelling if everything gets destroyed don’t take this too seriously)

    • Art-Games says:

      Isn’t it technically an interuniversal war?, since both the hermitcraft universe and empire universes are involved

    • Puff_In_A_Chair says:

      It’s not a war, just surprise colonization!

    • AvalonX says:

      @Captain Sprinkles oh ty :)))

  3. Bagel_Cake says:

    Grumbot: *Going through existential crisis*
    Grian: *Trying to stop Grumbot from purging Empires*
    Katherine in the chat: “Grumbot smells like fish, rotten FISH”

  4. totallyNOTdakota says:

    Joel pointing out the funny in grian’s base, and Grian wheezing with laughter at it brings me pure joy.

  5. The Resident says:

    “This becomes a ‘them’ problem.” Grian’s life motto

  6. TheCursed_1 Lord of Cats says:

    I find it funny how Grian, our resident agent of chaos, has effectively become an interdimensional diplomat.

  7. Zaid Kidwai says:

    How did Mumbo going on a bicycle ride for a bit lead to one of the craziest events in hermitcraft history? Lol

  8. Tommy Voit says:

    Pixelriffs making it to hermitcraft makes me happy. The recap is no longer a show by fans, but a show hosted by a guest hermit.

  9. LRosieB says:

    I imagine when Mumbo does come back he will be very confused by all of the lore around grumbot and wonder why he has to stand in front of a machine to prevent world destruction

  10. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Grian trying to save Grumbot was actually kinda sad in the best way. Maybe he’s an evil robot that wants to purge the world but he’s our evil robot that wants to purge the world.

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