Hermitcraft 9: Episode 33: A FRESH START!

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 33: A FRESH START!

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 33 A FRESH START! Grian is back on hermitcraft going over the story so far and having a “soft” reset to get back into the server.

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41 Responses

  1. AviationNathan says:

    10 months of not being online on the Hermitcraft Server and Mumbo is still the richest hermit

  2. Zhop says:

    have you considered making the dolphin highway underground and just having easily accessible stations at every major stop? This seems like a perfect opportunity to just make it a subway.

  3. Aske Lægsgaard says:

    Chiseled stonebrick is very rare when naturally spawning. It Can only be found in jungle temples and they only contain three blocks each.

  4. Eli O'Toole says:

    double tall ferns found in taiga villages
    Deepslate coal ore
    “Broken” grass-when an enderman picks up a snow covered grass block

  5. TheL33T3L1T3 says:

    I still can’t help but feel like moving the entire “rail” underground is the way to go. It’s sort of an eyesore up top. Cutting through buildings and all that as well….Could have some fun with it. Making it like a nice little train station/subway station at every base it meets up with, each hermit decorating their stop with their own styles.

  6. SkSkNutella says:

    watching Pearl’s stream when she had Gregg on her head causing chaos was absolute GOLD

  7. Animating Hufflepuff says:

    I think a good way to not go through their shops is to just drop a few blocks and kind of duck under them, it won’t lose to much time and you can even use waterlogged stairs to go the opposite direction!

  8. SilverFang says:

    Your next base should be a movie set so that you don’t have to build the back of anything😂

  9. Big nis says:

    You should try to get every goat horn. I tried it once and started going crazy from how rare some of them are

  10. Menzel17 says:

    A suggestion for the speedy highway is to make + intersections where you can choose to go any direction and have a boost at each turn

    • Lachy Dragneel says:

      Underground subway with stations at every stop (bases, ect) it can also have a new York subway theme like graffiti trains ect

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