Hermitcraft 9: Episode 4 – MEGA BASE PLANS

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 4 – MEGA BASE PLANS

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 9, Mumbo leaves the Hermitcraft starter town, the Hermitcraft starter base, and begins work on the new Mumbo Jumbo Mega base, which is neighbours with fellow Hermit Grian. This Minecraft mega base features a Minecraft industrial district, a minecraft secure vault and more.

Filming channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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38 Responses

  1. Mumbo Jumbo says:

    To those saying I stole Grians base;
    Firstly, watch the video to the end.
    Secondly, remember we all talk a lot, and we often talk off camera about plans/ideas.
    I obviously wouldn’t begin planning a mega base 100 blocks away from someone else without first chatting things through and making sure it will work for us.
    Proximity leads to fun interactions, which is what Hermitcraft is all about. We often pass creative decisions through this lens, so keep that in mind when watching the Hermitcraft episodes!

  2. Legundo says:

    For “Some people” my personal thing I swear by is flooded caves. Take in a door or some water breathing potions and you’ll find a ton. Also – SHADERS! Complementary Shaders makes ores glow, and makes finding diamonds or other things you might be looking for (Redstone, by chance) much easier to locate.

    • Space Cadet says:

      @Jack Beavis I do too. Something like x-ray forces blocks to render when they’re otherwise covered, a simple texture change isn’t it.

    • River Kieffer says:

      You’re my favorite twitch streamer legando

    • Jack Beavis says:

      @Space Cadet sorry I meant like everyone else on the server

    • Space Cadet says:

      @Jack Beavis everyone has texture packs. It’s Minecraft, that’s been a thing since before release.

    • Relzyn says:

      Diamonds (and lots of ores) have a reduction on spawning exposed to air. In water caves, they’re not exposed to air but you can still see them

  3. Der Niker says:

    I imagine Mumbos Vault being like the lair of a dragon. Underneath the obvious vault is an enormous cave with giant hills made of diamonds and redstone and a river made out of gold flowing through them.

  4. Tanner Thomas says:

    When the vault is being raided, you should put him on a timer to give him a sense of urgency. All the diamonds in the vault could slowly be falling through a hopper so every second he spends getting to the vault is costing him diamonds

    • Chicken says:

      Also he should add an ender pearl stasis chamber so if anyone opens it they are greeted to Mumbo inside the vault

    • Roster says:

      It’s a really dood idea and i think he’s gonna use 16 codelocks system with traps.

  5. The SpazzMonkey says:

    Imagine Mumbo reveals what’s in the vault at the end of the season and he actually was never bluffing about how many diamonds he has

  6. Helved says:

    I could imagine the vault being a massive warehouse with all the lights out except for one, illuminating a single chest with a few diamonds in it.

  7. Veekmon says:

    If “the community” would go mining for diamonds, they’d have to go as low as possible (y-58 before hitting bedrock iirc) for the highest chance to find diamonds. Some would go to y-54, since it’s just like the old y11 in terms of lava lakes generating at the level right below your feet.

  8. Rikaeus says:

    Also, the giant boat on water with storm isn’t really “scar’s” base, it’s a combination project between Grian, Scar, and Tango if I recall, it’s their villager trading hall/raid farm

  9. CrazeBanana says:

    I know you and Grian are pals and talked this out

    But I’m worried on how you two will work the vault and industrial area into the story of the base Grian seemed so excited about

    • Mercedes Dockrill says:

      It could be like mumbo’s S7 base. Where the idea is that an older structure is being restored / researched by modern technology

    • Anthony Michaud says:

      Ive been thinking about the too and I have a hunch that the industrial district might be R&D themed like MIB investigating the entity

    • Zion Ruffin says:

      You gotta use your creative juices. I’m sure they have something interesting planned

    • momento says:

      @CrazeBanana For me its more of a story, coz better story = more entertaining then fun

    • nyom says:

      @momento i don’t think he ruined it. Mumbo isn’t a nuisance as you’re making him seem. They talked it out and Mumbo definitely wouldn’t have settled there if Grian told him no. Grian and Mumbo both are very creative and I’m sure they’ll find a way to connect Grian’s story to Mumbo’s base, if they want to at all

  10. The Brothers Steve says:

    This is NOT for mumbo, just “some people”
    Best way to strip mine= Go as deep as you can without the bedrock interrupting the diamond veins. (i go -56) Then, just go dive mining, and every 2 blocks dig 5 blocks laterally.
    Best way to mine= Cave! (although maybe not considering all the caves are probably explored already)
    I love your videos, keep going!!!

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