Hermitcraft 9: Episode 9 – GRIANS BIG BASE!

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 9 – GRIANS BIG BASE!

Check out Audible here: https://audible.com/grian OR text “Grian” to 500-500.

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 9 – GRIANS BIG BASE! Grian is back on hermitcraft making grians base and mumbo has decided to base nearby too, this should be fun!

Thank you to Audible for sponsoring this video. Special thanks to Mumbo for being DOP and Scar for additional voice overs!

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30 Responses

  1. Mumbo Jumbo says:

    Filming that oddi.. I mean *Audible* spot was definitely an experience I won’t forget in my filmmaking career.

  2. StarAce says:

    So needing a full audio book from Scar. Landscaping Your Mind is so good. 😄 Loved the ad for Oddi-I mean Audible. 😄

    Grian’s base is looking awesome already with the new gradient effects and the portal, that ending to the episode was interesting and so looking forward to how the rift will develop during the season. 😊

  3. Bart Sumpsin says:

    My take on The Big Rock is that over the ages civilisations have found it and worked on it but every civilisation that found it has mysteriously vanished due to the rift

  4. EpicPlayz says:

    Grian then: *”It’s not just a boulder, it’s a rock!”
    Grian now: *”It’s not just a mountain, it’s a rock!”*
    Grian later: *”It’s not just a a planet, it’s a rock!”*

  5. RedWinterRoses says:

    You can’t expect a hermit to shift their base *before* they build it. It has to be done *after* it’s mostly complete. That’s the hermit difference.

  6. Liam Bohl says:

    I don’t mind the missing timelapse, because the big reveal of that floating portal had me stunned! Excellent work!

  7. Sloth Boy says:

    Grian the editing on this video is absolutely insane, it’s so professional and so well done I honestly hope you sat down after this and just gave yourself some gratitude

  8. Amstelle says:

    Loved Scar’s voice overs! I feel like anything that man says instantly sounds interesting and profound

  9. Nyodyne says:

    Changing themes is gonna be so cool! I cant wait to see how it progresses!
    Any predictions for later themes?

    I hope a Japanese palace shows up with some shrines on floating rocks works it way in.
    Or maybe some space gets in there, loaded with a comet or two circling, a shuttle, a few satellites, and maybe even aliens!
    Steampunk? Omg Grian steampunk sounds amazing! flying ships, pipes protruding from places pipes shouldnt be, the hwole steamworks
    A fantasy floating island, there could be a wizards tower with a magic barrier up (to protect it from the aliens of course)

    Even if he goes a separate way, im so excited to see where it goes

  10. Deborah Sheets says:

    The portal is dope! And I love that you’re playing with other gradients and styles. So fun! Also that ad was great 😂

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