Hermitcraft S8: MOVING the Castle! | Episode 8

Hermitcraft S8: MOVING the Castle! | Episode 8

In this Hermitcraft episode, we investigate some shenanigans, catch back up with Keralis again, do something a ‘little’ crazy with our castle, grab some clocks for a later heist from Bdubs, chat to cub and meet Evil X!

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46 Responses

  1. Dracoscale Flamefang says:

    “… Cause obviously, the mountain looks kinda bland right now”
    That’s literally one of the best and least bland mountains I’ve ever seen what are you talking about

    • Banana says:

      She probably meant more lacking in shubbery, paths, trees, bushes, ore, etc bland instead of lacking in colour and texture bland.

    • Daniel says:

      So true. I was shocked when she built that so quickly. The other mountains look good too, but that one is by far the best custom Minecraft mountain I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to see what she does with it.

    • Dracoscale Flamefang says:

      @Banana yeah, I know that’s what she means but the way she said it made it seem like she thought that it looked crappy without all that

    • ZanetheBlade says:

      did you know this is hermitcraft?

    • logui 113 says:

      Pearl is built different

  2. Vi_ says:

    Everybody gangsta until Pearl single handedly changes the direction of the entire Boatem village.

  3. Andy_KaSe says:

    The idea of just tearing down and rebuilding the castle just like that is the definition of this server. No expenses spared

  4. Grand Audio says:

    I see Mumbo’s troll signs have found their victim.

  5. StormtrooperT16 says:

    I love that in every single one of her time lapses on Hermitcraft there is always at least one slo-mo shot of her dying

  6. Jed Scholten says:

    Keralis: explaining the castle
    BDubs: pulls out his axe

  7. BlahCraft1 says:

    For a prank, I’m imagining Pearl rotating or moving someone’s house.

  8. Mark says:

    Make Bdubs play mini-game contraptions that requires clocks to play. Tell him that his 16 clocks are given when the mini-games are completed. Make it so that even if he gets 16 clocks, he’d have to spend at least 64 clocks.

  9. saltwithglasses says:

    I still can’t get over the fact that bdubs WAS NOT CRAZY when he sounded so sure that there was a build by that crossroads like my head is melting

  10. PearlescentMoon says:

    Some questions I wanted to answer!

    Who is AriesEva? – Gem’s cam account
    Why did you move the castle instead of just building a new one? – With the direction we were taking, we didn’t have much option other than to move it and remove the old one while we were at it. However we are happy with where it is now. Trust in us and we’ll bring you some fun things to come. 😀

    Thank you for watching and for the incredible support on my HC series everyone! <3

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