‘He’s Drake, for crying out loud!’ – Stephen A. has no problem with Drake’s heckling | First Take

‘He’s Drake, for crying out loud!’ – Stephen A. has no problem with Drake’s heckling | First Take

Stephen A. Smith does not understand the “uproar” concerning Drake’s on-court antics during the Eastern Conference finals because he says Drake is an ambassador for the Toronto Raptors.

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86 Responses

  1. FoshoTheOne says:

    Must be a slow news day ??‍♂️…

    • Gabriel Lyles says:

      everybody talkin bout this shit what you mean?

    • FoshoTheOne says:

      KingCantona14 baseball season going on, Stanley Cup finals, UFC fight the other day.., there’s a lot they don’t care to mention…

    • Talib Kweli says:

      remember just because you disagree with somebodies opinion doesn’t mean they’re mad, and complaining isn’t always bad expressing your frustrations can bring change(had to do some spell check and revision)

    • RazTopics says:

      You’re one of those idiots aren’t you. Bum ass ?

  2. DaQuan says:

    They bucks coach need to worry more about those back to back losses and giannis air balling free throws instead of drake trolling

    • Wawawa says:

      You shouldn’t be allowed to be that close to players and talk a lot of shit and make gestures to them. The NBA doesn’t allow regular fans to insult their precious Lebron so this is bias lol. If you’re going to do that then go sit a few rows back where you’re not interfering.

    • YeetGod McNeckAss says:

      +Wawawa You retards keep saying that dumb shit “If it was a regular fan”… Drake aint a regular fan stupid mf.. STOP CRYING. If the Bucks swept the Raptors yall wouldnt be whining about Drake. Youre only doing it because Milwaukee lost.

    • Skip Bayless says:

      * the bucks coach speak English

    • Ayaan Islam says:

      Back to back to back**

    • MayrTV says:

      Wawawa nigga what are you talking about fans heckle LeBron all the time ????

  3. Chocolate Rain says:

    Drake and the raps living in the Bucks’ heads, rent free ?

  4. DaQuan says:

    Giannis airballing free throws but the bucks are worried about drake (the raptors global ambassador)

    • MrLeigh says:

      Both teams play better at home that’s all it is.

    • Marcin Kiersnowski says:

      Macey Milwaukee radio stations are not playing Drake songs until the series are over.

    • Mason Albert says:

      DaQuan Drake freeballin with the fellas is how it looked, to be honest.

    • Tula A. says:

      Stephen A. You could’nt have said it any better !!! DRAKE is not a random person and the fans in Canada love him. He is very close to the Raptors team for God’s sake !!! He knows everyone.
      BREAKING NEWS : We just won game 5 in Milwaukee and Drake was not even there to distract anybody !!! Ha, Ha, Ha……

    • Jonathan Table says:

      +Blue Larsen Are you dumb, he’s not just “a fan”. The mans is literally the official global ambassador for the Raptors. The Rap’s training facility is also named The OVO Athletic Centre… He didn’t touch the Bucks coach tf you talking bout.

  5. Russ Morrow says:

    I think it’s hilarious, Drakes a goddamn fool lol

    • My God says:

      Russ Morrow I know lol

    • Marcin Kiersnowski says:

      It’s hilarious. Drake is comfortable with himself and he is enjoying himself. He damn fool out there and shit’s funny.

      Can’t believe feelings be hurt here. Go watch a soccer game in Europe against rival same city teams and their hooliganism etc. Then this will look like child’s play.

    • Wawawa says:

      Marcin Kiersnowski He’s interacting with players and coaches. Nobody cares about European hooligans.

    • Mason Albert says:

      Drake is a nice guy, butt he seems into boi butt by how he’s giggling so gleefully over missed baskets as his excuse to grope coach. You want to be groped while game clock still has minutes? Very odd…in the creepy zone, unless coach and Drake dating, then probably ok but wait until clock done ticking before kissing.

    • KayVee says:

      one of the best rappers out there, the soul of canada… totally a fool

  6. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    If they’re worried about drake they’ve already lost

  7. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    The bucks head coach is worried about drake when Giannis is air balling free throws and getting locked down by kawhi

  8. 19gulrbh says:

    “One of the most GROTESQUE-looking airballs” lol

  9. daja mikaelson says:

    Lmao it’s not disrespectful its just him going hard for his team

    • Antonio Dominguez says:

      It depends what he said it was me ill bitch slap the shit out of him daily

    • Innis Mor says:

      Octagon reps for both Giannis and Steph Currie …… they won’t be happy if its not the two in the finals.

    • Ben McMahon says:

      Sam Coll team that he never cared for until now ? How do you know that ?

    • Vincent Thomas says:

      Sam Coll thats cap. Hes from Toronto bro lol. Been repping the raptors

    • Mason Albert says:

      daja mikaelson Going hard? I thought there was some same sexstuff happening, but I wasn’t looking down at their pants. Drake can be gay, nothing against that at all; love is love…but he kinda making Raptors seem like they all sleep in same tent after group shower…some Raptors players might not want that reputation maybe?

  10. Sean A. says:

    Drake built an athletic centre for the team in Toronto. Its the OVO logo BESIDE the raps logo!

    • Andile Ntobeko Madlala says:

      +Will B. Smooth – formerly KardiFan2000 that’s why you get a consortium . I’m sure alot of people would put in money for him to buy them

    • Innis Mor says:

      +Izzy OVO naming part of his whole deal. MLSE is top drawer, it’ll be a mutually beneficial multi-faceted deal. True free trade agreement.

    • Will B. Smooth - formerly KardiFan2000 says:

      +Andile Ntobeko Madlala It’s not that serious anyway…Drake seems like the kinda guy who prefers branding over ownership. Just seeing that OVO logo next to anything seems to satisfy him enough.

    • Mason Albert says:

      Sean A. Hidden cameras in the showers so he can watch from his office? It’s getting a bit too chummy with Drake, unless whole Raptors club is gay, then cool.

  11. Saw Click says:

    Bucks blaming the L’s on drake??

    • Wawawa says:

      Fans don’t belong that close to players and interfering with their play. If you’re going to be that close you shouldn’t be able to act a fool.

    • Wawawa says:

      ERR0R 404 No it’s fucking not. If you’re a fan and you taunt Lebron the NBA kicks you out of the stadium lmao. Drake is a pussy and is interfering with the game being that close and being able to interact with the players like that.

    • Wawawa says:

      Fact of the matter is if it was a “nobody” getting close to NBA players and mocking them EVERYONE would have a problem. But Drake got the famous person pass and is allowed to troll players which is fucked up.

    • Joey says:

      Wawawa boohoo cry more. Thats what opposing crowds do. They heckle you and cheer for the home team. Stop blaming drake for the bucks loss LMAO!! All he did was touch the RAPTORS coach

  12. Joseph Dormon says:

    The Bucks coach and fans are in their feelings…… Y’all got blown out. Worry about that

  13. John Ortanez says:

    the fact that this is a big topic kills me

  14. DreDaGr8$ says:

    I knew they couldn’t leave out the impact Drake was having on this series ?

  15. Cole Palmer says:

    Imagine losing by 20 and then crying about one of the opposing teams fans

    • Dzie Kuje says:

      +Cam Smiley Music Garbage but is THE best artist of our generation, our can say fake sales or something but why does everyone bump him on their phones?

    • Daniel says:

      Cole Palmer bucks know they gonna lose that’s why lol Bucks couldn’t make it out the first round in the east until this year lmao they ain’t winning shit ??

    • Lil Chucc says:

      Cole Palmer imagine thinking kawhi is gonna stay a raptor for the rest of his career

    • Rajan Gill says:

      +Cam Smiley 1.He had a few reference tracks, but MULTIPLE artits that have worked with drake have siad on interviews that he definetly writes most of his shit, plus drake has literally wriiten for others like Kanye. 2.He LITERALLY brought his baby mama to Canada to stay here so that he can be with his son more. 3. You have probaby never heard anything other than gods plan and in my feelings or other mainstream shit. 4. So is like almost every other artist, but drake makes peoples careers, multiple interviews prove that rappers have appreciated drake’s help. 5.My man literally lived in someones basement with his single mom and grandma, his mother having multiple health problems causing financial instability, obviously after degrassi and his music, hes good. 6 Pretends to be? You really wanna go there, do i need to list drake’s charity work. Okay how bout this, you name another rapper whos as big as drake being more charitable. Please do go on.

    • Lil Jeice says:

      Cole Palmer ??

  16. Jon Tha Don says:

    “Go ahead Grinch, Max Kellerman” LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO Mr. 81 funny asf

  17. John KT says:

    Somebody said:”The bucks are worried about a Canadian rapper instead of Giannis freethrow issues”

  18. Luc Grand says:

    AND KEVIN HART for Philly. Come on guys

  19. gomez Koala says:

    Lmao. Max REEEAAACHED for that disagreement hard?

  20. Jamal Talbert says:

    Molly probably cracking up inside watching Jalen roast Max.

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