Heung-min Son scores the winner against Arsenal! HIGHLIGHTS | SPURS 1-0 ARSENAL

Heung-min Son scores the winner against Arsenal! HIGHLIGHTS | SPURS 1-0 ARSENAL

Watch full highlights as Tottenham Hotspur celebrated a 1-0 MIND Series victory over Arsenal thanks to Heung-min Son’s second-half strike!

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41 Responses

  1. Sanja Arts says:

    Moura is just a beast underrated

    • 오늘도화이팅 says:

      Feature of Brazilian soccer player like lucas moura is not passing the ball but dribbling in the ground. It is not efficient. Recently, Core of modern soccer is efficiency like pass, movement of off the ball.

    • 현뚱현승 says:

      모우라의 저돌적인 움직임이 마음에 든다. 아쉬운 부분은 패스 타이밍을 못잡아서 빈공간을 놓친다. 그리고 모우라는 귀엽당😛

    • Reena Niju says:


    • muahaha Muahaha says:

      @FF Warfare THIS TBH
      he can score hat on tricks against one opposition, and then disappear against small teams

    • 길가는댕댕이 says:


  2. Zainab Hasni says:

    can’t wait to see bryan gil and christian romero in action!

  3. Money-Maker Kang says:

    I miss Kane running to Son for goal celebration.

    • Allan Botha says:


    • Bravo champ says:

      Idk if the squad works better without kane but one thing for sure is that son s new contract move n 5 preseason matches undefeated without him is not helping kane s situation at all

    • AUTUMNVIBES says:

      I don’t, it’s nice to see more of a variety of players than just the kane and son show. It’s still spursy when all said and done, if other players don’t get involved and make more opportunities what’s the point of them even being there. They might as well just take hugo, son and kane and send the others home

    • AUTUMNVIBES says:

      @Bravo champ kane’s situation was perpetuated all by himself, sorry but son is just doing his job. It’s not his fault his buddy decided to go on holiday when he should’ve been at work 🙄

  4. 윤지훈 says:

    Look at Tanganga’s ball possession skill before Son goal. It was perfect !

  5. kevindevao joo888 says:

    Sonny is World class

    His Shooting is
    World Class

  6. Xentradi97 says:

    As great as Son’s goal was, he also created many chances along with others. Superb play.

  7. Виктор Щедров says:

    Fairs to dele, albeit he missed his chances. We just need someone chipping in from midfield, it doesn’t matter if kane+son will score 30-40 again

    • Your Mum says:

      @James Craik Hopefully you won’t see Dele playing on the pitch of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium again unless it’s against us for MK Dons with him playing at a level he deserves to be at

    • 슈퍼콘 says:

      dele is changing
      am i the only one who saw passion in him while defending?

    • AUTUMNVIBES says:

      Dele has had plenty of time off from matches there shouldn’t be silly mistakes like that happening. Doesnt matter if they’re nervous, it’s just sloppy errors like that that’ll cost them in tough matches

    • AUTUMNVIBES says:

      @슈퍼콘 probably

    • Shivolen Moodley says:

      hopefully bryan gil pops off

  8. franky__a says:

    It feels so nice to see Son’s smile after goal with fans cheering on the stadium. 🤍

  9. Reet Pateet says:

    Villa fan here – Son is just the business, such a great player and a joy to watch 👍

  10. Jason Lee says:

    I like how Dele Alli purposely missed his totally makeable shots so that we can all celebrate Son’s goal that much better. Well done, Alli!

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