Hey! A Message to Bernie or Bust Die-Hards

Hey! A Message to Bernie or Bust Die-Hards

Seth has some strong words for a certain faction of Bernie Sanders supporters.
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Hey! A Message to Bernie or Bust Die-Hards- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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19 Responses

  1. SARA O says:

    Bernie or Bust

  2. Edgar Hernandez says:

    can I know the outro song of this video

  3. John Armstrong says:

    Its amazing how biased these “entertainment” shows are now. This guy isn’t
    just making fun of people in the name of comedy, he is outright choosing a
    political party and openly supporting it.

  4. Jimmy Holloway says:

    Trump has been in the public eye for 30 years. Nobody called him a racist
    until he ran for president. Seth is a moron.

  5. Kidzedd Icarus says:

    I support the Bernie or busts the corruption of this election deserves to
    be ounished however those who will vote for someone but don’t know who vote
    for JILL STEIN she has very similar if not better belief than Bernie

  6. ronfhs58 says:

    It’s really unfortunate that the Democratic establishment elected trump as

  7. Zeek says:

    Bust cheated you biased jack ass

  8. JTS S says:

    Why is this garbage trending? The wikileaks emails should be trending.

  9. Nicholas1984Autonomy says:

    The ability to make things change is in the voter’s hands. Stop believing
    what you’re told about only having two choices on any matter. Stop voting
    for the “lesser of two evils” that is still an evil. The silver lining of
    the email leaks is seeing how much they have to still rely on actually
    duping voters. It isn’t full blown rigged rigged. They still need to dupe
    the people. That means the people still have power. Vote for something
    OTHER than the “lesser of two evils”.

  10. Visery says:

    This is exactly like in 2008 48% of Madame President Hillary Clinton’s
    supporters wouldn’t side with President Obama

  11. jojopuppyfish says:

    I came here for the funny and couldn’t find it

  12. Joey Hall says:

    Except Bernie won California. The election was rigged. So Clinton has no
    right to be president.

  13. Blair Mettam says:

    Well said

  14. Vincent The Keeper says:

    Seth, they are both racist, did your Dems secure the “Taco Bowl” vote? Your
    being played

  15. Joe Gonzlez says:

    Are you a comedian, talk show host, writer or paid spokesman for Hiliary
    Clinton? Because I can’t tell which.

  16. Sebastian Sajour says:

    soo basically….. HEY! shut up bernie supporters and let the “adults” do
    their jobs

  17. flipingboredcritic says:

    You know it is within our rights not to vote or to vote who we want. To use
    the free speech we have to voice our opinions. I speak for many Bernie
    supporters, when I say, I vote for Hilary, because it’s my choice. How does
    it feel to sell your soul to the devil Seth Meyers?

    Saying we should vote for Hilary is like saying we should laugh at your
    crappy jokes, both are not happening. We have too much self respect for
    ourselves and you’re just not funny Seth.

  18. swoll1980 says:

    wait didn’t the leaked emails prove the dems are the racist? where are the
    racist republican emails?

  19. Alfredo Bonilla says:

    Worst segment ever!