Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?

Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?

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39 Responses

  1. wyciskTV says:

    That’s cute, they will kill humanity in a very elegant fashion and doors will be spared.

  2. RisingJake says:

    Checking in to see how the progress of humanity’s imminent destruction is coming.
    Looks promising.

    • Alexander Zhuk says:

      Don’t worry all will be ok! Nothing is going to destruct anything!
      (*kill the humans**kill the humans**kill the humans**kill the hu)

  3. Gojzer says:

    Skillful robot !! Congratulations !!

  4. 3DSage says:

    This must be the T-350. Getting closer to the T-800.

  5. Hambone Fakenameington says:

    can’t wait for this abomination to come and kill me while i sleep

  6. Master Ian Gamer says:

    Won’t be much longer now until the Metalhead episode of Black Mirror

  7. I'm too stoned to come up with a username says:

    This isn’t even it’s final form

    • Cyandrik says:

      I’m too stoned to come up with a username it’s final form is when it has 2 rpgs on the side and a 50 cal minigun at the top

  8. bazilaz says:

    *_A Weapon To Surpass Metal Gear_*

  9. John P says:

    this is how it starts

  10. Macaroni says:

    Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 5 – Metalhead

  11. Lakers Talk with Allen Sliwa says:

    And that should do it…It was fun while it lasted

  12. Arda Yılmaz says:

    Black Mirror is here

  13. Faman says:

    Few, that was exhausting. Let’s go for a complete 8h battery recharge before opening the next door. 😀

  14. Dark GT says:

    Half life 3 confirm!

  15. Lithuanian Potato says:

    Lol i thought the robot is going to actually say it “Hey buddy, could you give me a hand?”.

  16. IndeyUA says:

    Real robotic friendship!:))

  17. Дмитрий Терминаторович says:

    Уйдем от вас кожаные ублюдки))

  18. Corentin92 says:

    Black Mirror was right

  19. Interesting channel says:

    бездуховно и неправославно!

    • Евгений Раскатаев says:

      Interesting channel неправославно, ясен хуй, ибо там протестанты и католики. Зато я в России не видел чтоб перед едой молились, а в штатах только так. Так что с духовностью у них заебок.

    • Алексей Попов says:

      Вообще загнили мрази бездуховные, построили бы робота священника.

    • Алексей Бурец says:

      лучше бы робота нытика сделали и назвали РУЗГЕ ИВАН

    • Евгений Раскатаев says:

      Алексей Попов зачем? У них обычных попов дохуя

  20. benji shi says:

    And this is how civilization comes to an end

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