hey haters

hey haters

Stay stuntin on haters
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My First Kiss: https://youtu.be/u6X_UikggwI
Why Guys Would Die as Girls: https://youtu.be/5deSrK1eZRs

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Stranger Things Eleven hoodie: https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/ih-nom-uh-nit-eleven-hoodie-item-11828787.aspx?storeid=9446&from=search&ffref=lp_pic_17_90_

Army Jogger pants: [SOLD OUT]

Suede Boots:

?Outro song:?
“Thiago Silva” by Dave x AJ Tracey: https://youtu.be/OQTsZGvVUbs
Download on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/ThiagoSilvaiTunes

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20 Responses

  1. Mega Gamer4206 says:

    haters back off

  2. Aidan and Jack says:

    I’m not a hater…..can I have a sleepover….and play Super Smash Bros…. dibs on Link….Please Notice me….I like Pizza….and Sleepovers….and I love the internet…and nerds (The candy) I’m awesome… I think

  3. Alexis Moore says:

    hahaha he did a flip and the wig stayed on

  4. TheRealDealz says:

    How many karats is that A LOT

  5. Daniel Frank says:

    Yoooooooo swoozie. Maaaad respect for dave – thiago silva being your outro music

  6. walid k says:

    Ayyyyyy swoozie at the end with Dave and AJ Tracey ?? Love from the uk ????

  7. emperor palpatine says:

    Eleven on his shirt is turning in to sloth from goonies

  8. Kim Marc says:

    Love that Eleven hoodie. Finished watching Stranger Things season 1. Totally binge-watched the entire thing.

  9. Ife Love says:

    please, please tell me why you always hatin.

  10. Dylan Pierre says:

    I’m a Trinidadian

  11. NINJA ASSASSIN says:

    1:44 I guess swoozie is the black little mermaid lol

  12. Katie Logue says:

    Swoozie I would literally sell my soul if it meant I could be friends with you

  13. KidMangaX says:

    I just think that most people hate on you because they don’t believe that you’re actually this puritan, 30-Y.O. Christian virgin dude. Like, even *I* don’t believe any of that shit. I just figure it’s a character you put on or something because you want to stay “family friendly.” Personally, I just think you’re a funny guy, which is why I still watch you, but I do wish that you’d just be honest with us. Let’s hang out sometime bruh.

  14. Sierra Williams says:

    I think Eric was his real name by the way he look

  15. Juzo Sanja says:

    what kinda pizza is dat

  16. Shadow Spider says:

    hold up go back they have chocolate covered Oreos

  17. Trash Kan says:

    *Ain’t nothing between me and you, but air*
    I can’t breathe XD

  18. l'Inconnue says:

    That’s is very true. Once a (white) guy called me a “Stupid Kaffir” on the App WeChat (Kaffir in South Africa is perceived as the equivalent of the N word + Monkey + all racist slurs you can imagine in one word). That was his greeting (for those who know the app). I added him and replied “Hi Sweet What’s wrong?” (Not being South African, I am not as offended by the term) Surprisingly Dude immediately apologized and asked me about my day, told me his behavior was due to Black Women being racist.. we chatted for a bit then I blocked him. Still true though.

  19. qwertyk28 says:

    Wonder why Swoozie wasn’t wearing any pants this video?

  20. Jonathan Finger says:

    I like his hoodie

    10 out of 10 I give it a 11

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