Things in high school sure have changed over the last 10 years…

Ian Hecox
Noah Grossman
Keith Leak Jr.
Courtney Miller
Olivia Sui
Shayne Topp

Directed & Produced by Ryan Todd
Written by Monica Vasandani, & Ryan Finnerty
Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
Smosh Creative Director: Luke Barats
Director of Photography: Mitch Anderson
Editor: Leonard Wilkes
Senior Producer: Alex Hluch
Producer: Kristina Nikolic
Producer: Garrett Palm
First Assistant Director: Tanner Risner
Production Designer: Tayler Nicholson
Art Director: Jake Sperling
Camera: Brennan Iketani
Gaffer: Trent Turner
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Makeup Artist: Rachel Jenkins
Costume Designer: Lindsay Hamilton
Assistant Editor: Matthew Duran
Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice

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81 Responses

  1. Susan Hazel says:

    can’t believe 2008 was a DECADE ago

  2. Goku Black says:

    Nah you forgpt the juuling in the bathroom

  3. Octus says:

    i was 4 when in 2008

  4. ugly orange says:

    smosh than vs now

  5. Maryam Khan says:

    I’m graduating this Friday!
    Our highschool is a prison tho it’d be something like this:
    Guy: wanna skip class?
    Other guy: AND FAIL? ARE YOU KI D I N G ME ! !?

  6. Matthew Vazquez says:

    I love how they catch the obsession with smartphones that kids have nowadays. This is why I have no faith in the new millennium. 😔

    • Ω Ryasmi Ω says:

      It’s just society in general that you should lack faith in

    • Potato Smasher says:

      That’s literally the easiest thing to capitalize on now. Stop acting like this is deep. The modern world is powered by phones. Don’t act like they’re all bad. These types of comments are just so short-sighted

    • Ethan Smith says:

      1.) Any kid with a smartphone addiction is likely to have parents that can’t parent; so that’s on the last generation.
      2.) Parents are the ones giving their toddlers tablets to keep them entertained instead of actually parenting them and getting them outside; so that’s is on the last generation.
      3.) Parent’s are the ones on their phones instead of controlling their kids nowadays; so that’s on the last generation.
      4.) The internet is the new marketplace nowadays, from foreign affairs, to education and communication; maybe getting good at working with it is not actually a bad thing.

    • kovalentine nepoline sukrusa says:

      how did you manage to COMPLETELY ignore the obsession with regular phones they had in 2008 that’s shown in the video clear as day

    • Matthew Vazquez says:

      kovalentine nepoline sukrusa Admittedly, Smosh exaggerated on that. I was in school at that time and I rarely saw people on their phones the way people are on their phones now.

  7. Jhon Ghost says:

    The point of all video is student 2018 dont respect teacher,
    Got it.

    • lil George says:

      What is there to respect it’s there jobs they signed up for it. Especially the guidance counselor

    • __ __ says:

      Kenji Otsutsuki So people were cavemen in 1986?

    • Kelsey says:

      did it look like 2008 students respected the teacher? what video did you even watch?

    • Kenji Otsutsuki says:

      __ __ the first technology that was invented in human history is the wheel and technology from the 80s were already advance so no.

    • Random Person says:

      I remember my high school only 4 years ago, my english teacher taught me almost nothing and all I did was get the answer from google and the back of the novel/textbooks.

  8. ReaReaCraCra 27 says:

    “Eat your pain away”

  9. Falkery says:

    In 10 years the tables have turned…

  10. Brody Jeanotte says:

    This is so accurate! My mom hides in my backpack every day!

  11. atm 487 says:

    Suprisingly decent Smosh skit

  12. Matt Spicer says:

    Kids are savages these days from what I see haha

  13. Caleb Bazini-Barakat says:

    “These are the Noble Gases.”
    * Points to the transition metals *

    -Ian Hecox, 2008

    • RhynoGames says:

      Hmmm you’re right lol
      damn smart boi
      BTW Nerds are actually cool
      In our school nerds are the high rankers who has Dominance
      me and my classmates are in the first section
      they’re so smart they defeat the teachers in lessons
      that’s why some of our teachers tells us to report the lesson in school
      they think that we are funny and smart
      So basically Nerds are far better than you imagined them to be.

    • JanSolo says:

      Idk why people are calling out on nerds, isn’t this like common sense for anyone who studied even high school chemistry?

    • Jed Malig says:

      ….i think the right term is “geek”, but even then this is common sense for anyone who studied elementary chemistry

    • My2k HighSchool says:

      Caleb Bazini-Barakat NERD

    • CreasingPlayer0 says:

      Caleb Bazini-Barakat LOL

  14. Leia F says:

    I love watching videos about high school made by 26-30 year olds😂

  15. Crystal Firez says:

    I think they made SUCH an amazing video after a long time.

  16. Akobubu says:

    Who misses the old Smosh with the “SHUT UP!” And all that?

  17. Kaleigh and Blaise says:

    Thanks for being in my video ian.

  18. Micah Philson says:

    That teacher thing is absolutely true. I went to a small, rural school almost 10 years ago and even then the teachers all complained about parents acting like it was the teachers’ fault their kid was failing.

    Oh God, I don’t even want to know what it’s like for them now!

    • kanal cj says:

      Micah Philson wats Anthony padilla

    • Micah Philson says:

      Dimm, also, it’s not the parent’s job to shout at a teacher and treat them like dirt when the parent takes otherwise absolutely no interest in their child’s learning process. If that’s all they do to help, they’re making the issue worse.
      Rather, the child should bring it up to the teacher when they’re having an issue, and if the parent is involved, it should be to help bring the matter to the teacher’s attention.

    • Micah Philson says:

      I should also clarify that usually when a kid doesn’t want to learn, they often blame the teacher. When they find math or science difficult or uninteresting, they think it’s the teacher’s fault for teaching poorly when really they’re just apathetic to learn the material.
      Observing this is how I learned that if I have issues with a subject, it’s my fault. Almost every single time. And so I never disillusion myself anymore, and it really helped me in finding what I’m actually good at and where I have troubles.

    • Creeper Nation says:

      Technically, if the student failed, then the teacher failed to teach. Yes, some kids learn at different speeds but still.

    • Nightmarewarrior64 says:

      Micah Philson my mom stop caring about my grades

  19. gordon ram ram says:


  20. Elizabeth Lauren says:

    I couldn’t relate to a single bit of this. I went to high school in 2009. We always had a no phone policy and we talked about fall out boy not Regina spectre.

    • LaLa Laura says:

      Elizabeth Lauren exactly. Ni phones allowed and you got in school suspension or thrown out of class if you had a cell phone out

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