High-speed Amtrak train derails in DuPont, Washington

High-speed Amtrak train derails in DuPont, Washington

Incident involved Amtrak train 501; authorities advise drivers to avoid the area.

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73 Responses

  1. Kevin Charles says:

    Need more info. Terrorism ? Or accident?

  2. Tim Brook says:

    Joe Scarborough is a murderer.

    • Mike Johnson says:

      Jose Bravo Hey Señor, you have to tell us what a ” muderer ” is first. Adios.

    • arizona tea says:

      Javier Velasquez – how is trump racist? I need facts. All because he wants to keep his country safe against radical islams doesnt mean he is a racist. What are todays terrorists? Radical muslims. What country are u from? And he never told people to walk up and grab a women by their pussy. Thats what he said about himself. U never told your girlfriend u were gonna fuck her pussy good. Basically the same thing as saying ima grab her pussy. Or do u like guys assholes. Would u rather grab a guys dick? I can tell by your name your mexican? So u still must be butthurt about the wall?

    • Mike Johnson says:

      arizona tea Javier is afraid they’re going to deport him or worse take away his food stamps.

  3. Brian W says:

    I didn’t know Brown finished his high speed rail! Oh, it killed people faster than I thought. …

    Oh this isn’t in California… oh well. It’s like looking into the future.

  4. Ethan Dee says:

    For non-Americans: a “High-speed Amtrak train” is a train that the conductor assures you can go 110mph (177kmh), but because of “engine problems” or “another train on the tracks” you must go at no more than 60mph for the duration of the journey. Legend has it one Amtrak train has used its top speed before, but we have no sightings of it.

  5. hypyman45 says:

    Looks like they make those fucking trains out of lego pieces whats up with Amtrak?

    • Lea Cooper says:

      hypyman45 – It’s getting bad, inferstructure us old, and is exactly what Trump talked about today. Money will finally be available to bring in the new, and get rid of the old.

  6. Lea Wenzel says:

    Best train ride in the US hands down you see so much of Washington State from the Amtrak

  7. MrRossy489 says:

    Its hard to watch this on fox news channel I don’t really believe anything these idiots say haha.

    • Meshell A says:

      *HAHA* ? Don’t be an @ss… Easiest thing to do is look at ANY story, see what they SAY on BOTH side’s, then & only then can YOU separate out all their B.S. opinions!
      You choose This story though, Really? People died, people are such arrogant, key board, warriors today, it makes me sick.
      You aren’t adding anything to the convo other than ypur blatant ignorance. Yet you chose FOX? Go figure. Lol…

    • AnArt1996 says:

      It’s hard to believe ANY news channel. Everyone’s currupt nowadays.
      Actually, I’m sure this has been a thing for a long time.

    • Michael Cortez says:

      The point is people are hurt and some people are dead. Those families are going to be torn apart because of this but yet you have the audacity to complain about a news channel. If you don’t like Fox change the channel but it won’t change the fact that this incident happened people are hurt. Go to your favorite News Channel and learn how to care for the people who have lost their lives

    • Dan Boone says:

      Agreed, well said!

    • John Doe says:

      Meshell A Weren’t you the person talking about California in another thread even though it has NOTHING to do with this. Not defending the OP but stop being a damn hypocrite.

  8. Abe Wallard says:

    Trains are for commies. Real men ride cars manufactured outside of America!

  9. The 3rd Option says:

    California is planning to build a high speed train…

    Terrible idea…

  10. James Campiglia says:

    Amtrack is garbage

    • ThrummerOfLove says:

      Travelling Amtrak can be a marvelous experience. The Coast Starlight, and California Zephyr, are two examples._

    • James Campiglia says:

      ThrummerOfLove If you make it out alive.

    • rvnmedic1968 says:

      Another fucking idiot that doesn’t know what he’s talking about. We’ve been taking long distance Amtraks trains for the last 7 years across country. Do some research before making a stupid comment. You would then know that Amtrak doesn”t own the tracks, the commercial railroads do like CSX, UP, BNSF and they interfere with passenger rail schedules and don’t keep up their tracks as required. And you don’t even know the details yet as to WHY the accident occurred. Moron.

    • James Campiglia says:

      rvnmedic1968 Your panties are In a bunch, you probably work for Amtrack.
      Search all the deadly Amtrack accidents. Moron

    • rvnmedic1968 says:

      No, I don’t work for Amtrak. I’m a Vietnam Vet and retired military. You don’t know shit from shinola.

  11. Mr. Meeseeks says:

    Holy cow I just woke up, I live an hour away from there.

  12. Bithor Gaming says:

    Only thing I will say apart I wish the best for everyone involved in the accident is that Amtrack doesn’t have high speed trains, their rails are too rough and America doesn’t have a large enough use of long running commercial train transit which means the investment to build high speed rails is too costly for the return… just saying. Hope everyone is okay, and to everyone reading this have a great day!

    • Tyler Albers says:

      “I didn’t mention Trump or ISIS in my comment”

      That’s what he was commending you for. Actually, I should probably ask, do you know what commending means?

    • Bithor Gaming says:

      Tyler Albers Of course I know what commending means, I didn’t see that in your original comment and I misunderstood that he was commending me.

    • Tyler Albers says:

      Your saying “Of course” as if it’s obvious. I have no way of knowing if your vocabulary was lacking or you just didn’t read. I’m just glad you understand that he wasn’t attacking you.

    • surfjerr says:


  13. You Will Never Know says:

    The operator had the sprit of eurobeat consume him, and stepped on the GAS :D.

  14. Larkland Morley says:

    “High speed Amtrak”

  15. othon jimenez says:

    This is just pure distraction….wake up people

  16. Randy Olive says:

    God bless all the families involved…

  17. Bob Majew says:

    Infrastructure especially in the Northwest has been suffering for years. More important to finance ‘Sanctuary cities’.

  18. PARDONYoongi'Sweg says:

    I hope no one was critically injured

  19. Jerry Blizzard says:

    Nice picture. Thumbs up. Thank you for exposing public transportation as harmful. I am a walker since the 1990’s. Now you know why.

  20. UnPhayzable says:

    Looks like someone was really angry about the Seahawks game

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