HIGHLIGHTS | Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz Jr.

HIGHLIGHTS | Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz Jr.

A fight for the history books.

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50 Responses

  1. Miguel Hernandez says:

    Man Ruiz kept coming at him. Dudes got a chin. Joshua was always the aggressor but Ruiz was different lol came at him

  2. Christopher Salsbury says:

    That celebration says it all. Congrats Andy Ruiz Jr. I’m sorry, WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Andy Ruiz Jr. I stand corrected.

  3. Timothy Moore says:

    That’s right Andy go for yours real talk hell of a fight and great victory Champ?????

  4. BreuckelensFinest says:

    Wow, Ruiz got them hands! Smart boxer with a smart win! Now that’s how you let your hands go!

  5. Brian says:

    Quick! Someone make a NINTENDO PUNCH OUT version of this fight!!

  6. MrVandj1 says:

    Anthony is a class act. He lost and gave so much respect to Ruiz. You don’t see that a lot

  7. Danny red57 says:

    This is for all the chubby kids in sports lol

  8. Chad Dezara says:

    So f%$king inspirational! Great job! AJ didn’t look like he wanted to fight anymore.

  9. dee dub says:

    Ruiz gameplan was to absorb hit to deliver a fury of punches with aj’s opening…Ruiz only activated when he was hit… counter was the key

  10. Wake up Sheeple says:

    Hitting the rewind button like my Lady’s ! Still can’t believe it. Viva La Raza ! Hold this L but keep ya head ups ??!

  11. James Solomon says:

    Mad respect for Ruiz. He straight brawled with AJ

  12. Michael Guadian says:

    Every time Ruiz got hit he came back like a bull!??

  13. Iliana Gonzalez says:

    So happy for Andy but I respect aj a lot for staying classy

    • Griffith says:

      Iliana Gonzalez 95 percent of fighters stay humble after a loss like that lol

    • Sturkelicous Rron says:

      Iliana Gonzalez, it’s called sportsmanship. Why are you surprised he is doing what he is supposed to do on the “Gentleman’s sport?”

    • daniel sanchezaldana says:

      Sturkelicous Rron because they usually get out of the arena right away

  14. smoothpants says:

    “The Mexican Rocky makes believe in movies now!”


  15. BR33CH HD says:

    Ruiz is like the only guy I know that can fight out of anger and get the upper hand ??

  16. Francois DelRio says:

    Anthony Joshua is a composed and ferocious finisher..
    Andy Ruiz- hold my beer

  17. Gamelle Davis says:

    AJ didn’t watch enough video on Ruiz. AJ would have known Ruiz got some pepper on his punches.

  18. Booker Housley says:

    Is this real????? He just lost????? ?????? gg boy couldn’t even make it to wilder

  19. Moises De Leon says:

    Never underestimate you opponent. Good job Ruiz. Congratulations.

  20. Lil Ray says:

    Ruiz says my name is Fred “G” Sanford and the “G” stands for “Golden Glove” ?? lol ????

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