Highlights Athletic Club vs FC Barcelona (1-0)

Highlights Athletic Club vs FC Barcelona (1-0)

A great goal of Aduriz gives the victory to Athletic Club against FC Barcelona Matchday 01 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020

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85 Responses

  1. wublix says:

    38 year old aduriz winning the game, what a goal

  2. Armando Genis says:

    Those 4 dislikes are from Barcelona fans that are mad ?

  3. Les Gilligan says:

    Aduriz showing it’s possible at a late age to still do amazing things, what a goal, well deserved, from a Barca fan

    • Cygnus Vismund says:

      Because Cristiano didn’t already do that against Juventus ….

    • Kazuro Jinzo says:

      @shotgunshawzy Only in terms of speed and endurance. The ball came to him and he did a scissor kick, if a human whose playing for a pro club can’t still do a scissor kick at 38 then you should retire. Good goal nevertheless but the age comments are quite annoying.

    • Willo says:

      @tonights big loser For a goalie is not. For a striker it is, that’s why he came on the 86th minute to play for 6-10 mins

    • Ali Activ Plus - Energy n Stamina Booster says:

      Barcelona without Messi is not the same. I didn’t saw Griezmann on the match and what a goal of Athetic Bilbao. Good start of the season.

    • Paul M says:

      @Hype5 yeah that’s like semi pro league, Aduriz is still doing it in the big leagues.

  4. Danieltheepic says:

    The way I saw Aduriz run onto the pitch I knew he came for business. The game was so dead until that bicycle kick

  5. phily ossai says:

    Dats was clean ngl…. One d best bicycle kicks I’ve seen in a while

  6. ZZ10 says:

    Who else is counting down the matches until Ernesto Valverde leaves Barcelona? When that day comes it will feel as good as winning the UCL.

    • ZZ10 says:

      @Christian Young Yeh ik. Valverde has turned Barcelona into a joke of a club. And the spastic president will not sack him no matter what happens. Barcelona could get relegated and still EV would not get sacked.

    • Christian Young says:

      @ZZ10 Yeah

    • ZZ10 says:

      @Mikel Sopelana Durango Have u watched a single Barcelona game for the past couple of seasons? Clearly not. If u have then u would understand.

    • ZZ10 says:

      @xEXclusivex-3 With valverde the coward.

    • ZZ10 says:

      @Furkan Bozdag Excuses for what? If it isn’t EV’s fault, then whos fault is it? The team has 0 chemistry and creativity which is the managers job to improve.

  7. Jose Villanueva says:


    38 Years Old?!?!

    Playing in Europe!!?

  8. Klei Yskollari says:

    Nobody is going to congratulate the keepers for their outstanding performance??

  9. Caio Oliveira says:

    Barcelona without Messi is not the same. I didn’t saw Griezmann on the match and what a goal of Athetic Bilbao. Good start of the season.

    • Caio Oliveira says:

      @Otenus Barcelona is not only a joke of a club without Messi. They have money for change that path. If Barcelona use the money and buy players for defense, to use that money with inteligence, you know ? El Barça can be more than next Ac Milan.


      b arca with messsi lost 4-0


      @I BUTEI barca with messi lost 4-0 ..cr7 king

    • Ali Activ Plus - Energy n Stamina Booster says:

      Aduriz showing it’s possible at a late age to still do amazing things, what a goal, well deserved, from a Barca fan

    • Caio Oliveira says:

      @Ali Activ Plus – Energy n Stamina Booster I am a Barça fan too, but i guess if Barcelona not open them eyes, we’ll lose the UCL again. Perfect seasons, except one game in 2018 against Roma(3-0) and Liverpool(4-0) in 2019.

  10. Big Nebula says:

    aduriz is so underrated for he’s goal scoring abilities , young players should just watch him play and learn how a perfect striker should play

  11. Darrick P says:

    Aduriz was born during the wrong generation else he would have been spain’s # 1. Serious poacher.

    • Francisco Javier Narbaiza says:

      Spain has been wasting his time with Negredo and Costa going to the national team, having a outstanding (and underrated) player like Aritz Aduriz.

    • Rubenn The Real Ricardo Milos says:

      Agreed, costa does his job in his clubs, but with Spain does nothing. Back in 2010 more or less, Spanish forwards used to be Soldado or negredo, good players but not enough to bright in Spain. Obviously I’m taking apart villa

    • EmSpro Racing says:

      @Rubenn The Real Ricardo Milos weren’t Torres and Villa their forwards, who won them 2 European and 1 World title back then..?

    • andymofoincross says:

      No, he was good but just wasn’t better than David Villa and Fernando Torres in their primes, simple as that.

  12. Nothinghere meh says:

    Name : Aduriz
    Age : 38
    Club : Athletic Club
    What he does : Score amazing goals and
    late late winners.

  13. ComradeOgilvy1984 says:

    The goal comes from a 3v6.
    I see 5 Barca players in the penalty box. 2 covering space and passing lanes. 3 are loosely covering the 2 strikers.
    That is the kind of defending that has earned Barca their CL success in the last two years.
    My high school team was better at defending than Barca in this play.


      @Senator Aguolu do u even know that umtiti has long term injury recently and hasn’t been the same since? Pls know more about football before you speak.

    • Senator Aguolu says:

      @2017 RVHS STU JEROME KWEK WING KIT Since u know more about football than i am. Please explain to us what’s the current situation about Umtiti’s injury? Why is he still in the team & not in the Rehab instead? Little kid i am not ur mate. Everybody has a right to his or her own opinion. And u uttering such utterances shows ur maturity in the football too. You need to learn some matters especially speaking in public space too.


      @Senator Aguolu 1. you can’t even spell manners.
      2. It is ironic that you tell me about “manners” and then call me a little kid. Not practising what you preach only makes you look like a hypocrite who can’t be taken seriously.
      3. My original comment is not rude
      as I only implored you to read more about Umtiti’s injury. You are clearly ignorant about this so kindly asking you to read more is in no way rude or impolite, you merely read it in the way I did not intend.
      4. Umtiti is really injured and most Barca fans should know this fact.
      5. When I say you lack something, doesn’t mean I know everything about that subject. If so, all people who criticise Messi should be professional footballers.
      6. “Uttering utterances?” Well, being well informed on certain information regarding English Langauge skills, I believe in the belief that English is not your first language.

      Have a good day. Peace

    • Senator Aguolu says:

      @2017 RVHS STU JEROME KWEK WING KIT You dis imbecile idiot. Is bcos i am here exchanging stupid words with u. And u here disrupting my sleep. Since u love correcting & u are the new spell check professor. I think a lot of schools are looking for school teachers in 9th grade. You better apply for a job there to keep ur sorry ass busy. Come think about it if u are in the western world anyway. If not sorry. Wait in line & get a visa sucker.

  14. Toonbarmyarmy83 says:

    WHAT A GOAL!!! absolutely fantastic to see a fellow golden oldie score a contender for goal of the season already. Well done Aduriz you’ve still got it lad!!!

  15. Francisco Silva says:

    Fist time in my entire life i see barcelona in last position ?

  16. Punx Unite says:

    Valverde has no passion anymore, must out

  17. Sava Lalkin says:

    Dear LaLiga Santeder, why do you have such short highlights viedo ? I hope in future you will fix that terrible mistake and will make longer videos. Thanks for your attention.

  18. NONPHIXION 47 says:

    BARCELONA BOARD OPEN YOUR EYES ! CRYUFF would be upset to see this style of play

    • Xplainer Videos says:

      NONPHIXION 47 Even this bercelona board needs to be reviewed. The president needs to step down for allowing this joke of a coach to continue.

  19. Lisart Mella says:

    “Don’t worry guys, barca will win the league” ?.
    Without Messi Barca plays like Milan

  20. Albert Chouw says:

    Dear @laliga account, your video seems boring i think you should try like how bundesliga youtube video seems more interesting

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