Gerard Piqué, Rey Manaj, and debutant Memphis score the goals in the second pre-season friendly at the Estadi Johan Cruyff

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43 Responses

  1. How to Digital says:

    Great performance from Memphis 🔥

  2. Faizal Amir Bashiira says:

    It feels like Griezmann finds his match in Barca with the arrival of Depay

    • Z.A.D says:

      @Faizal Amir Bashiira bro are you indo?

    • Athyia Alna says:

      @Ayomide Salau they want him to offer up his unborn children in an ancient mystic ritual hahahahaha I don’t know what else 🤣🤣🤣

    • Faizal Amir Bashiira says:

      @Z.A.D yes I am

    • serz1885 says:

      @MRJ 11 ye with Shiites club ever

    • joseph chavez says:

      Everyone doesn’t understand we just faced Girona. And swear this one game will be like other games. They definitely played great together but not sure if it will work with messi. Memphis and griezman tend to take a 100 shots and only make 1 every 2 or 3 games. Memphis I don’t mind but griezman price tag and not worth what he produces

  3. Amin says:

    Nobody is talking about Manaj for how good he is.
    4 in 2 😳

  4. Shilajit C. says:

    Barca made a good decision by signing Memphis Depay🙌🏼🔥

    • Meaghan & Edison Alvarez says:

      @NRG_Jerry really this guy has nothing better to offer.. Fkg Koeman is filling Barce with garbage and letting go good players .. of course he score it was a penalty … by the way Griezman gat the penalty

    • Meaghan & Edison Alvarez says:

      Of Course he score was a penalty created by other player .. and is a second league team .. Koeman is letting go great players and getting this non at all good players .. tired of fkg Koeman 😤😤

    • christopher Fowler says:

      @Meaghan & Edison Alvarez which great players outside of Suarez has he gotten rid of. All the good ones left before he was even there

    • pc says:

      @George Georgiou you do realize that even Di Maria had a terrible spell in Man UTD, but he’s not a bad player. Man utd at the time was a team in scraps. They were lost and the managers were incompetent. If it were the current Man Utd squad, I’m pretty sure he would have been above average at the least. Give him time and the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he’ll do well, who knows

    • 01 Aaryaman Ragade says:

      @MinenoobYTlol he meant griezmann

  5. Diqzha Ihsan Muharram says:

    Griezmann – Memphis connection is lit🔥

    • joseph chavez says:

      They did all that and we got a handball as their only goal 🙄 im a more realistic barca fan and I just don’t feel confident with them playing. I don’t think will win the UCL if they play with messi. The Fist team that came on looked and played like how we should be playing. Scored 2! Because of it. Couldve scored more if Minaj didn’t come off so early. We need to keep it La Masia and young. Stop allowing big names to come and disrupt the playing style of La masia. Koemans tactics are bad thats why he reverted back to the barca usual 4-3-3. Hate me or dislike me. Look more at how last season we were ball dominant and fast pace attack yet barley scored 1 out of 100 chances in the game. Messi was carrying. Thats what I seen from griezman and depay. Non stop shooting with no finishing. But we will all see that soon.

  6. M DH says:

    We have come at a time where Antoine Griezmann comes back into pre-season earlier than… Martin Braithwaite

  7. Amith & Amar VlogZ says:

    Messi,Depay,Griezmann on La Liga🔥

  8. Vichu S says:

    Griezmann is back in good form after euros he is having great confidence he just need time. He should stay at barca ❤️

    • PRDTR Knight says:

      @Keone Tlone for the sake of the public he will.

    • joseph chavez says:

      Lol this is a dumb comment. So we want a racist who has proven many times that he is. People need to stop defending him like he is a good person. Man isn’t worth his price tag and I’m sure he will cause conflict now with 2 more ball dominant players coming to the squad. I expect griezman to come off the bench

    • Vichu S says:

      @King Akpabio bro yes his wage is really a problem but i was taking about his presence if he cut his wage & stays at barca it would be awesome & helpful for barca 🤷‍♂️

    • King Akpabio says:

      @Vichu S even 50% is not enough Barcelona literally have to get rid of him. He’s not even willing to take pay cut

    • honorio vasquez says:

      @PRDTR Knight how old are you? Dont you know griezmann doesn’t want to cut his salary

  9. Souvik Das says:

    I’m impressed to see how we create opportunities in played with “b” team
    Forca Barca 😘

  10. Sanyam Malhan says:

    Pjaniç is so underrated. He plays phenomenally.

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