HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Alvarez vs. Billy Joe Saunders

HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Alvarez vs. Billy Joe Saunders

May 8, 2021 — Canelo vs. Saunders from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas

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54 Responses

  1. Chris Venegas says:


    • Bernard Jason says:

      VIVA LA MIGRA!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Damon Carey says:

      @pea55 the truth doesn’t need me to speak for it!? Regardless of what perspective we view things through; the truth is the truth?

    • pea55 says:

      @Damon Carey Truth is you’re trolling. Troll on though. I won’t respond to anymore your irrelevant statements.

    • Name Here says:

      It’s so amusing when mexicants chant viva meico, but somehow those same ppl where the ones that FLED that country. How’s does that make any sense? Mexico me la pela

    • vansgrosss says:

      @The Golden State make America Mexico again lol.

  2. Mannybass says:

    The belts gave Canelo a harder time than Saunders 😩

  3. Rob Martin says:

    Legend has it that One-Eyed Billy threw a fit in the hospital demanding a bigger bed.

  4. Jeff Pena says:

    One thing I’m going to miss about boxing-in-the-bubble is hearing those ferocious punches landing on the opponent’s body & head. Those punches would be loud and puts a different perspective on how tough boxing really is.

  5. Martín Carlos Recéndiz Sóuza says:

    Cuando Canelo se dió cuenta que le destrozó el pómulo, empezó a festejar por adelantado como diciendo “este arróz ya se coció.
    Viva México 🇲🇽 🎉 🎊 felicidades Canelo.

  6. realmariela says:

    09:27 “canelo rallying his troops”…

    and the crowd goes wild

  7. Manuel Henderson says:

    These are Real Boxers in a Real Boxing Fight that Real Boxing fans wanna see.

    • Brazen Fyre says:

      @Jotoro 😂😂😂😂 “Fax”
      Yo homie Please don’t try to speak Hood when you don’t even know what hood talk is ….

      “FAX” 📠

      And don’t even try to say you just spellin it slang style like it sounds!


      Is FACTS! That’s it.

      Say something that fits your background

    • Nicholas Queen says:

      @Kristopher Harvell wheres the proof that they sold 1.5 mil besides Jake paul the pathological liar telling us?

    • Ismael Gonzalez says:

      @Aiden Kel correction knock out in 10 seconds max

    • DCLXVI_89 gaming says:

      @Kristopher Harvell did you just say too seriously?
      First of all, they’re not bringing in new people. Last nights fight is a testament to that.
      And the money is already there. They’re just playing gimmicks to grab a piece of it. Without doing the work. Without the dedication.
      If they were serious they’d enter a circuit, but they won’t.
      Instead they’re manipulating people like you to defend their grifting.

    • Mike Wang says:

      True dat but I wanna get Jake Paul in a ring with Real Boxers at all if you know what I mean….

  8. Rico 1k says:

    Crazy how many shots billy misses but wins the round according to the commentators

  9. Anthony JcJr says:

    This is actually the fight i paid to see not like those YouTube kids

  10. Nathan Curtis says:

    That commentator that had Saunders winning the fight through 7 literally ate his own words lol

    • Marcellus 0423 says:

      @Charley’s Bunker No disrespect but please re watch the fight. In no way was Saunders winning the fight up to that point. Gave Saunders 3 rounds which are 1,5,6. Canelo controlled the whole fight, landed at a higher accuracy and the heavier shots.

    • Jameson Reynolds says:

      @Marcellus 0423 I don’t think he won round 1 imo. Gave him 5 and 6

    • DanCorp says:

      @Detroit Made No *you’re* blind. Canelo was the one landing the more significant shots and he was the one dictating the pace and controlling the ring spacing for pretty much the entire match. Saunders outstruck him a few rounds but was by no means winning the fight until that point.

    • Joe Hernande- says:

      @Jameson Reynolds o

    • Joe Hernande- says:

      @DanCorp .

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