Lamine and Marc Guiu on the scoresheet as Club América come from behind twice with Martín getting a late winner

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38 Responses

  1. @FCBarcelona says:

    🎥 SUBSCRIBE NOW I SUSCRÍBETE ► https://www.youtube.com/fcbarcelona 🔵🔴

  2. @luqmaanvisser533 says:

    I love this team dearly but its sad to see them struggling to even pull off a win

  3. @auzanramadhan1013 says:

    I hope Inigo and Pedri can play after the holidays are over, also in January I hope this team can bring in a DM whose qualities are similar to Busquets and right back

    • @orangenak2682 says:

      bek kanan sudah ada Julian Araujo

    • @doncarlo4576 says:

      When is vitor roque coming,

    • @e-mercenary6595 says:

      ​@@doncarlo4576January. Vitor probably will flop in his first season. He doesn’t have any European experiences. He is not like Neymar or Vini. Vitor really needs time to adapt.

    • @john-adriancoker2789 says:

      I hope they play more too. If Barça could bring in *Zubimendi* who has qualities similar to Busi & Xabi, he’d fix a lot but that’ll be hard to do in January with La Real still in the UCL.

      So Barça could sign *Thiago Alcantara* for free in the meantime. Then instead of a RB, I’d rather a LB in *Grimaldo*. So he & Cancelo can provide goals & feed Lewandowski.

      If Barça can pull off a swoop for *Luiz Diaz* too, with Vitor Roque also to come in January. It would make Barça serious UCL contenders this season.

      Considering neither Thiago, Grimaldo & Diaz are playing in this seasons UCL is a big selling point! That & helping Barça to win the UCL. Which will also help Barça to sign Zubimendi.

    • @doncarlo4576 says:

      @@e-mercenary6595 vini did take 3-4 years to fit in, but barca shouldn’t loan him like fati in my opinion

  4. @user-fg3wc5js9j says:

    ❤Hermosos partidos Fue un partido bonito y para nosotros era mejor salir con un gran resultado que terminar con dos derrotas. 🌚❤💙

  5. @ElKosterOner says:

    El América tiene unos jugadores que nos han dado catedra a los jugadores del Barcelona, mi mas sincero respeto al pueblo mexicano y su fútbol, saludos desde España 🇪🇦

  6. @kino9521 says:

    Buen fogeo al talento de La Masia, pero es claro que aún tienen mucho por crecer y demostrar. Visca el Barça.

  7. @GeoWellts says:

    Bién los suplentes del America hicierón buén juegó, saludos desdé Argentina

  8. @tanmaymakwana7963 says:

    Appreciate the efforts from the team to play this game just 1 day after their la liga match! It’s ok if we lost bcoz the most important thing they showed on the pitch was the fighting spirit! Many first team players looked kinda exhausted but it’s fine! That’s the reason why there were so many B team players and they got good amount of game time as well! 💙❤️

  9. @elicheto2 says:

    I hope this team will do better on next matches. Visca el barca 💙❤️

  10. @wahyuhukama says:

    That goal from Club America showed their confident against FC Barcelona.

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