Highlights FC Barcelona vs RCD Espanyol (2-0)

Highlights FC Barcelona vs RCD Espanyol (2-0)

Two goals of Leo Messi gave the victory at FC Barcelona against RCD Espanyol. LaLiga Santander 2018/2019

Suscríbete al canal oficial de LaLiga Santander en HD | 2019-03-30 00.00h | J29 | BAR | ESP
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62 Responses

  1. Hamzie Plays says:

    Messi is too good I’m telling you. Ronaldo is not better than Messi

    • Thanos says:

      david Rdgz Uefalona H8er Hala Madrid!!!!! Messi scored more goals in your team than these small teams, so you are saying that your club is a small club? Lmaaao ?

    • MarcusPlier11 says:

      david Rdgz Uefalona H8er Hala Madrid!!!!! Please learn how to spell you lunatic

    • Cisko_PlayZ says:

      david Rdgz Uefalona H8er Hala Madrid!!!!! Your gett8ng absolutely done in the comment section

    • Tasnim says:

      +david Rdgz Uefalona H8er Hala Madrid!!!!! Ronaldo didnt score a hat trick against the best team in the world, Barca loll

    • Akirez says:

      +Robi Ardiansyah
      Are u joking do u actually watch him play?

  2. Erik Singh Minhas says:

    Best player in the history of humanity.

  3. Michael Burchardt says:

    coutinho was good this match i hope he stays

    • Cisko_PlayZ says:

      david Rdgz Uefalona H8er Hala Madrid!!!!! Madrid has the best training ground for Barca or more like real shitmadrid

    • chris zlatan says:

      I dont know how courtinho still getting more playtime than malcom??malcom is anazin every game bro. Courtinho is so trash. Everytime we put dembele in, the game changes. Now even malcom changes the game. Sell courtinho wihile his name is still big because soon clubs will be offering just 10m for him?

    • Juanito says:

      you guys are retarded. you know why coutinho looked better this game? because he played his natural position, LM. you can’t compare coutinho with malcolm or dembele, they play different positions

    • Star69 Stay schemin2 says:


    • Star69 Stay schemin2 says:

      +Juanito lol dembele plays all positions coutinho plays and is better than coutinho in every position coutinho plays. Do you watch football or you just talk football.

  4. Ketty Perez says:

    Every time Messi has the ball he turns it into a paintbrush and the pitch is his canvas

  5. Write Heroes says:

    Messi needs to rested against Vallodolid next. Then if they game is won against Atletico, he should be subbed off early. Man Utd must take priority.

  6. Robert Johnston says:

    Messi better than Pele, Maradona and Cruyff.

  7. Bastian Ziege says:


    • Thatboi Green says:

      +david Rdgz Uefalona H8er Hala Madrid!!!!! lol stop joking around

    • woods merchant says:

      +david Rdgz Uefalona H8er Hala Madrid!!!!!
      +Bastian Ziege was right, Lionel is the greatest player..
      Cristiano is one of the best players, but not on the same level with Armando and Messi..
      Sorry kid,..
      And if you said Barça got some “helps” from the referee, and so with Madrid during their last three Champions League campaigns ?
      Ramos goal in 2016 finale was offside, should the match was fair, the offside was counted, the result would be different!
      .. the referee also “helped” Madrid to beat FC Bayern in the semi – final, Cristiano goal was offside!.. Arturo got red card, and Casemiro should be sent off too for he was worth the second yellow card..
      .. and that same Ramos should be kicked out by slammed Salah in 2018 finale ..
      Before you continue down play Barça v Chelsea 2009, check your Madrid first, unless you are a kid with shit coming out from your mouth, because Barça is so much more clean than your corrupted Madrid ..

    • Anonymous anonymous says:

      +david Rdgz Uefalona H8er Hala Madrid!!!!! 31/3/2019 (after the match Barcelona – Espanol)
      Messi’s career goals 573
      Ronaldo’s career goals 577
      Ronaldo has played 10000 minutes more than Messi and the difference between their goals is 4
      Ronaldo goals per match : 0,83 ,which means at least 1 goal every 108 minutes
      Messi goals per match : 0,98 ,which means at least 1 goal every 92 minutes

      Now who is the best?

    • Thanos says:

      david Rdgz Uefalona H8er Hala Madrid!!!!! You liked your own comment that’s sad! ?

    • Anonymous anonymous says:

      +Thanos EXPOSED?

  8. T Dot says:

    I wonder what he does with his opponents shirts ?

  9. Robi Ardiansyah says:

    Damn…even free kick Messi Made like panenka….Cheeky free kick from the GOAT

  10. Alf Nol says:

    Messi el mejor de la historia
    Sin dudas

  11. Shadow Assassin1 says:

    Messi is in love with panekas and chips XD

  12. Zachariah Rizk says:

    Messi of course was amazing but I’m glad Coutinho and Malcolm are getting more playing time.

  13. B H says:

    Once again we have to clap for the magic foot of M10

  14. Daniel Lau says:

    WOW, Messi saves the day again, simply unstoppable. ????

  15. BlackSeedsOfVengeance says:

    ? strikes again and again… Coutinho and Malcom were great too. All this ‘sell Coutinho’ stuff is nonsense. He just needs to be played more centrally.

  16. David Hendra Sihotang says:

    Something new, Panenka free kick.

  17. GoldenAgeGamer says:

    I witnessed this live. Boca 003 Row E Seat 2. This match has made my vacation! Up next, Atletico Madrid!!!!

  18. Edmund Genesis says:

    I love Barcelona. Messi best in the world.

  19. ekcoprod says:

    The day “Panenka Freekick” was invented.

  20. LordMichaelRahl says:

    Almost another hattrick. GODLIKE.
    Also, Malcom should play much more, wtf.

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