Highlights FC Barcelona vs Real Betis (5-2)

Highlights FC Barcelona vs Real Betis (5-2)

Comeback of Barça against Betis with two goals of Griezmann in the second match of the season J02 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020

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67 Responses

  1. RmNaNtCbScRrN says:

    Barcelona coming back to what they were a few years ago, Griezmann is a monster!

  2. Angel Molina says:

    Haters:”Barcelona can’t win without Messi”

    Griezmann:Hold My Beer ?

    Visca Barca ??

  3. lion 78 says:

    1 and a half minute for 7 goals?

  4. STAN.P channel says:

    We went from MSN to MSG vamos griezman ??????????

  5. the one tha one says:

    Perez goal… Idk why but i sensed messi in that finish

  6. Kowloon says:

    Griezmann is the brilliant guy

  7. Eric Bay says:

    Rafinha showed pure class today. Am surprised no one recognized the technical strongest man on the field…

    • special one says:

      Dude has some insane dribbling skills & touch

    • Asen sio says:

      i confirm this, i’ve seen him playing many times especially when he was at Inter and he impressed me with his qualities, he is so underrated!
      his only problem is the continuing Injuries

    • Rayin Ahsan says:

      he did great but i wish he scored those two times 🙁

    • mfanelo the great says:

      i agree with you he is a brilliant player. the kind that you expect from a Brazilian. he was so involved in this game and if he could work on his finishing he could be another player we could really count in the attack in the absence Messi/Suarez/Griezmann/Dembele

  8. João Monteiro says:

    Two goals and one assistance, congratulations Griezzmann

  9. ZZ10 says:

    The season is still a write-off for Barcelona with Valverde at the club. This home win doesn’t change anything. #ValverdeOut

  10. Jeremy Odidison says:

    No messi, no Suarez, no Dembele, no party

    Antoine Griezmann: Hold my confetti ??????

  11. Emre Yılmaz says:

    7 goals and 1 minute 30 seconds? Congratulations for la liga santander ??

  12. kaka mama says:

    Thanks a lot, please keep sharing goals in short video ??✔️

  13. Joe Sheppard says:

    Great performance by Griezmann. After that opening game, that’s just what he needed.

  14. ehav says:

    Perez needs more mintues, got less mintues than dembele and is showing what a threat he can be.

  15. Brandon Dith-Berry says:

    Commentator: “How can I explain these goals as unenthusiastic as possible.”

    • Art Wedda says:

      I tell you, bro! It was a pain listening to him.

    • Ariel Badw says:

      Because it’s not in the heat of the moment

    • Art Wedda says:

      ​@Ariel Badw, Yeah, but they could have at least included the original commentary. I’ve watched EPL commentary for recap videos and inserted commentary sounded as exuberant as if it was the live thing–even if it’s for the opposing team’s efforts.

    • Aamir Razak says:

      Literally no emotion or passion at all it was like hearing someone read text for an ad on tv

    • Juniorh says:

      It was just a report on the game, youth man, not a commentary. There was no need for him to get overly excited!

      You wet behind the ears social media junkies want everything to be sensationalized.

  16. NONPHIXION 47 says:

    Defence is STILL SHAKY ! Busquets need to play less.

  17. K. Benzema Is God says:

    Good to know griezman can carry the team when nobody else is around

  18. Sabelo Mabhida says:

    And y’all just gonna forget about our debut Ansu Fati, that boy was superb too.

  19. Mursidin Yunus says:

    Griezmann, 2 goals and 1 assist. You’re awesome man..

  20. EMANeleVenElevEn says:

    And people were saying Griezmann overrated. He’s won everything in football and is the third best player in the world the past 5 seasons

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