HIGHLIGHTS | Gennadiy “GGG” Golovkin vs. Steve Rolls

HIGHLIGHTS | Gennadiy “GGG” Golovkin vs. Steve Rolls

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50 Responses

  1. John A says:

    ggg landing those hooks to the top of the head can only means one thing,knockout ??

  2. Stuart N says:

    GGG rock solid chin. good fight both performed well

  3. Van Ranque says:

    DAZN will save Boxing….. Thank You for the Early Highlights 🙂

  4. Milwaukee Brewers says:

    Been a fan of Gennady since like 2010 when he was on his 3rd or 4th k.o Win in a row.

  5. Nesto And Roberto says:

    4:38 Back to normal (getting wins)??

    • BlackJackMulligan says:

      He got 2 wins against Canelo and got robbed twice, the second fight was closer but he won that too. The first fight Golovkin won by a long way, it wasn’t even remotely close.

    • Nesto And Roberto says:

      BlackJackMulligan the first fight was a tie but clearly canelo won the second one , I recommend you watching the second one without the commentators

    • R Durl says:

      Yes and in reality, actual real world – GGG is still undefeated. Canelo, really lost the 2 GGG fights – so really Canelo in fact needs to prove himself and re-build….

  6. Rocky Capone says:

    GGG is for real , don’t ever take him lightly

  7. paul alexander says:

    DAZN is really taking over boxing and uplifting the sport

    • joebrown says:

      paul alexander With this fight??? Lol. Al haymon runs boxing

    • acedog25 y says:

      @joebrown what’s wrong with the fight? Dazn been putting on good fights. Estrada vs rungvisai, canelo vs Jacobs, inoue vs rodriguez, prograis’ last fight was good. Katie Taylor just made it through a slug fest, even the rios vs Soto was a nice slugfest, the list of good fights goes on. say what you want but I see good exchanges and head snapping. Dazn is takin over.

    • Paparoc _ says:

      No its not

    • Rene Canseco says:

      Nope the good old days of boxing are long gone. Still waiting for a fresh new generation of real talent to arise.

  8. Black Rocket says:

    GGG already felt rolls power and speed and knew he could take the punishment to get inside and finish rolls…same ggg.People jus say what they ? hear.

  9. JaieWall says:

    GGG seen the openings early and knew Rolls couldn’t hurt him. The top of head shot is simply experience.

  10. beboncio4 rod says:

    Ref has the panoramic vision going for him. Regardless great fight.

    • Ronald Lassiter says:

      He’s one of the best in the business. His eyes don’t hinder him.

    • emeli anemone says:

      steve willis is an angel. i live for slow-mo replays of his reactions to the action unfolding in front of him.

      also, seriously legit ref.

  11. Joseluis Garcia says:

    Damnnnn!!! That was a good fight triple G comes out raging with his IRON Fists and knocks out Rolls dead cold.

  12. SoWavyFernandez says:

    Thanks DAZN for bringing the best boxing to USA. GGG never disappoints. All his fights are exciting.

  13. 30dynamo says:

    Golovkin just created a new move, call it “The Downercut”

  14. Alonso Arellano says:

    I’m just glad Andy Ruiz is endorsed by SNICKERS!!! ?

  15. Migatron1 says:

    Rolls is probably 2-3 inches shorter after those overhead hooks by GGG

  16. uri Riv says:

    GGG needs to stop chasing Canelo and fight top ten contenders or at least give Jacobs a rematch

    • Egotesticle Won says:

      Yeah…, noneed for 3G to chase Canelo. We know what the outcome is going to be again. 3G’s bout against Canelo were great, but 3G did not lose 2 of them.

    • Brett Michael says:

      No.. he needs to fight Canelo one last time.. it makes the most sense money wise.. it will be the most exciting too

    • Nordic Blood84 says:

      uri Riv You got a point…. but lets be real he needs to chase Canelo for all the right reasons. One… thats the biggest fight that can happen right now, second thats a guaranteed money maker…. third thats a hell of a match up.

    • Nordic Blood84 says:

      Egotesticle Won lose both fight????? Are you blind. My families money was for Canelo on both fights… the Mexican flag hangs outside the house…. we even had tacos chips n salsa. And everyone thought Triple G won both fights.

  17. Papito Hernandez says:

    Congratulations to GGG and his family, still dangerous, Good job my friend! NEXT?????

  18. Don't Kill Yourself Before You're Dead says:

    that downward hook of golovkin is really iconic in my opinion…

  19. Anthony Aguilar says:

    He’s also coming from a layoff and has a new trainer. Has to adjust a bit.

  20. If you laugh you sub! says:

    What a robbery
    In other news val shevchenko slept Jessica eye! And cejudo became the triple champ

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