HIGHLIGHTS: Liverpool 1-1 Crystal Palace | Luis Diaz scores a screamer for ten-man Reds

HIGHLIGHTS: Liverpool 1-1 Crystal Palace | Luis Diaz scores a screamer for ten-man Reds


Watch key highlights from Liverpool’s Premier League tie at Anfield, as a wondergoal from Luis Diaz levelled it up for the Reds following Wilfried Zaha’s opener.

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30 Responses

  1. bloomer234 says:

    Diaz & Elliott are the only 2 Liverpool players that can hold their head up high after that match…both worked their bloody socks off

  2. Vin rythie says:

    after the red card Diaz was like a man possessed he was phenomenal.👋👋

    • SCOUSE GAM3R says:

      @STEPIQUE 8892 he’s a good fit he just needs time same thing happened to Suarez and he blew up when he was back he killed it nearly every game

    • STEPIQUE 8892 says:

      Because he knew this is the time to shine. Meanwhile I started to see Nunez as not that good. He does not seems to be a good fit. Still has hope and may be time and more playing together will make him connected better. But he is not that great on finishing.

  3. O says:

    Zaha’s goal was a perfect finish, no fuss, just precision.
    He left the defenders trailing as he eased away from them.

  4. ruth gonzalez says:

    Fue un gol parecido al que le hizo a Perú por el tercer puesto en la copa america pero este gol fue con más dificultad en verdad un golazo

  5. M.K.H 31 says:

    Harvey Elliot performance was tremendous he played an important role in our attack all game. Luis Diaz (magical goal) and Nunez was working hard, Nunez came close he shot hit the post he deserved to go in. Milner played well, Robbo was getting good crosses in the box.

  6. Andrés G. Borges says:

    Hope that Diaz’s beautiful goal doesn’t make forget his amazing performance at deffense, he just won every second ball-rebound around him, and he stole as if he were Fabinho. He’s pure football bro!

  7. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    Oh god, how much we’ve missed Mané

  8. Anulekh Kc says:

    Luis Diaz. What a player!

  9. kanishk kashyap says:

    Diaz has been one of the best signings I have seen in a while wrt a player fitting into the system from day 1

  10. Laureus says:

    Diaz was a force of nature this match! 🙌 Excellent highlights!

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