Watch highlights from Leeds United’s Premier League match against Manchester United at Old Trafford.
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25 Responses

  1. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    Some fabulous goals tonight. Can’t believe Leeds are in such a perilous position as they play some fabulous football. Great come back by United.

  2. Kelvin Anku says:

    Leeds played amazing football, and this is coming from a man United fan .
    Honestly thought we lost in the first half so I guess it was a great comeback for us🙌🏽

    • Sean Cunningham says:

      @Rahul VK i don’t think this big smoke guy actually knows what he’s talking about mate, sounds like your typical scum fan who thinks their team is better than the rest because they won 3 trophies at the same time once….. you couldn’t even beat championship level leeds mate 😂😂

    • Rahul VK says:

      @Big Smoke 🇮🇪 you mean we depended on our centre back and goalkeeper to defend and stop goals from going in😮😱🤯😱😳😲😱😮😱😲what a revelation you’ve just come up with…our defenders and goalkeepers doing their job isn’t “being bailed out”…it’s them doing their job. so unless you expect Wober to just walk off the pitch and meslier to let you score by giving ur players an open goal whatever you said just made no sense😂😂😂

    • Sean Cunningham says:

      @Big Smoke 🇮🇪 supporting a team from my own country to with 🤣🤣
      man utd are trash if they can’t beat a relegation side.
      be an easy win on sunday for us

    • Ha caйтe KEKZ. PW says:

      👆🏻п0рH0 млⲁдшℯ 𝟏8 в Hиⲕℯ 😝

    • Craig Smith says:

      @Big Smoke 🇮🇪 Tinpot eh. We are the biggest one-club city in the country. You aren’t even the biggest in Scumchester.

  3. Andrew T O Pang says:

    Respect to the team, that a performance under a difficult situation and one of the top teams in the league

  4. sheena dictator says:

    Great result for Leeds considering the shlt pit we’re in atm.. Gnonto is a little gem, some great saves by Meslier 🕷🕸 too, world class. (Not shown here for some reason? even though they are just as important as the goals.)

  5. Pushpender Gusain says:

    Brilliant drive by Wilfried Gnonto. He has sharpened Leeds attack.
    Fine performance in the absence of regular manager.

  6. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Props to Leeds for playing their asses off. Fernandes was unusually sloppy with the ball. Really miss Casemiro. Good to see Sancho back out there. Him paired with Rashford could be very exciting the rest of the season. Weghorst……. sigh

    • juwan larocque says:

      Nah more like Fred was sloppy I can full agree never let a pass connect nor was he aware of any of the runs

    • blitz blix says:

      in my opinion weghorst was a panic signing
      didnt get joao felix and they just got a person that did well in 1 match for netherlands

  7. Scottie Waters says:

    Outstanding effort from our boys.. 👏👏👏👏

  8. Jude Matmor says:

    Finally Pellistry played some minutes, he also was part of the come back of ManUtd. I really think he deserve more time on the field !!!

  9. RyZe says:

    Respect to leeds united and their wonderful fans for a memorable game of football.from a lifelong Manchester United fan.👏

  10. Alejandro Carrizo says:

    Volvió el buen juego, hay que mantener la diferencia los 90 minutos, pero es un punto de oro. Luke volaba. Vamos Leeds carajo!!!!

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