Highlights: Mexico 2-1 Canada – Gold Cup 2021

Highlights: Mexico 2-1 Canada – Gold Cup 2021

馃帴 Resumen: 馃嚥馃嚱 M茅xico super贸 a 馃嚚馃嚘 Canad谩 2-1 en Houston y avanz贸 a la final de #CopaOro21.

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40 Responses

  1. Dos鈥 Gaz says:

    Waiting for the mad fans GG to 馃嚚馃嚘 tho

    • Alberto Murillo O'Callaghan says:

      Mexico had to steal the match as always to play the final but it’s all business $$$, the mexicans fans can’t face the truth, their blind nationalism doesn’t allow them to accept it, concacaf is a joke, what a boring final it should’ve been Canada vs USA or Qatar

    • MR. step daddy says:

      Mexico got a rematch so that鈥檚 good news

    • Esaul Alquijay says:

      Why should anyone be mad the game was going to go Mexico鈥檚 way either way Canada USA it sells tickets if this game goes to overtime even penalties Canada wins could not take that chance that鈥檚 why they played up to minute 103 it should have been stoped at 97 98

    • lok Folks says:

      @Alberto Murillo O’Callaghan bruhh if you say concacaf is a joke than why you you watching the game and you stay hating on Mexico because we鈥檙e number 1 on team quality play and fan base

    • Neriah Osborne says:

      @Dre Santos usually when Canada, or the Montreal Canadiens lose, the fans blame the refs. I mean no hate and gg cuz I am a fan of the US (gg to Qatar) but still….

  2. Quincee 33 says:

    Congrats to Mexico from Canada. Good luck in the Final!

    • Xavier Franzoia says:

      Canad谩 still misses Radzinski and Daniel Imhof. M茅xico is way horrible yet they rule at this level. The only team that with a good coach could be dangerous is Jamaica but those guys hace a pitiful federation. M茅xico couldnt handle Bolivia or Venezuela. They have money though.

    • Alejo Galonzo says:

      Nopales chapos vs gringos

    • The Chosen One says:

      YALL see the difference鈥f it was the Us Fellas they will be calling y鈥檃ll all type of names smh 鈥ood luck in the final

    • quietstormNC says:

      @james shinobi Mexico has the most disgraceful fans in Concacaf.

    • steve cerda says:

      @quietstormNCim from usa but my family is from Mexico who should i choose lol?

  3. Bryan Avila says:

    Canada played great. GG all the way from mexico 馃嚥馃嚱

  4. Bella Martinez says:

    That second goal was fire

    • Bryan De Leon says:

      @Clark Rodriguez lmfaooo ur a mexican ur obviously gonna see it that way y鈥檃ll always get penalties to keep u in the tournaments 馃槀馃槀馃槀 that money be hitting the concacaf admin

    • osimalosi says:

      Pizzaro is super under rated

    • Fluffy Grey says:

      @ur mom, there was contract between the Canadian player and the Mexican player. The Canadian didn’t touch the ball before making contact with the opposition. The first goal from Mexico was from a fair called penalty. Canada was wasting time during the final minutes of the game. Anytime they dropped, they would hold the ball, and refuse to give it up to the Mexican players. They screwed themselves over. Maybe if they kept playing, the outcome would’ve been different. Also, there were two Canadian players that collided against each other which led to one getting injured. The game was halted by the referee. He wanted to compensate for the wasted time so he kept the ball rolling. Whenever playing soccer, you keep playing until they blow the whistle. There is no excuse for Canada’s loss.

    • Bakail Frozen says:

      @ur mom so when mexico scores set pieces, “it’s easy” “oh they got lucky” ? But yet the last game usa beat Mexico was with THREE set pieces every Mexico hater was praising usa 馃槀馃槀馃槀

    • ur mom says:

      @William Romero bruh i just thought this game was bullshit, im not canadian, it was bullshit of what i was seeing if what the ref was trying to so because he was trying so hard to make mexico win and he did

  5. Giovanni Carbajal says:

    Loved this boxing match! 馃馃

  6. gawk says:

    Just left the game and the highlights up already sheeeshh

  7. Mig眉el BS says:

    Salcedo jug贸 bien lo 煤nico que falt贸 es que le avisaran que se equivoc贸 de deporte lo que el pr谩ctica es boxeo


    I feel like other countries starting to get better and better every year 馃檹馃徏 it鈥檚 getting a lot more competitive I love it

    • Assane Keita says:

      @m19710310 lmao. You right. They should invite African countries next. Nigeria Ghana S茅n茅gal Algeria would win this cup.

    • Hectorsii Garcia says:

      @LilMan B yup馃槀

    • ledgendarygamer Og says:

      @Assane Keita Bro the whole region is gonna get bodied if its a country from africa lol mexico and america ar gonna get bloodclapped 5-0 lol

    • m19710310 says:

      @Assane Keita Easily… 馃檪 US is good in basketball, American football and a lot of other things. It is a whole continent, 300 million people. The reason it will be never a soccer empire is because the childhood. To be good, you have to play from early ages, hours a day, and with your friends, not in an organized manner. In the US Mom and Dad carry the kids everywhere. In high schools they have 35 minute halves with unlimited subs… Too soft. At 50 I can still play against 18-25 yr olds, due to soccer being in my blood, not a learnt thing.

    • Fede Lbda says:

      The other countries: Jamaica, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Qatar 馃槻

  9. Boxing Proff says:

    Even though Canada lost, they were still very impressive. Respect from 馃嚥馃嚱馃嚥馃嚱

  10. Ar 4444 says:

    awesome game by canada, lots of respects, greetings from mexico, see you guys in the octagonal

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