Highlights: Michigan Wolverines at Ohio State Buckeyes | Big Ten Football

Highlights: Michigan Wolverines at Ohio State Buckeyes | Big Ten Football

Dwayne Haskins threw for 318 yards and five touchdowns in Ohio State’s 62-39 win over Michigan.

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91 Responses

  1. Parco Molo says:

    Gg Ohio state, hopefully y’all can represent the big ten in the playoffs.

    • Creator278 says:

      Grim Sniperr Notre dame is struggling lmaoo

    • Creator278 says:

      Ty Cardwell nope. OU wont because they’ve given up a lot of points per game. Ohio State has a better schedule.

    • Ty Cardwell says:


      Lol, I’m not arguing about Oklahoma’s defense that’s for sure. But the committee has shown they care about losses much more than wins. And considering Oklahoma will beat the only team that beat them this year in the BIG 12 championship game. And Ohio State got blown out by a Purdue team with a terrible record. It’s pretty obvious they will pick Oklahoma over Ohio State.

    • Ty Cardwell says:


      And don’t know where you have been all season, Ohio State has been struggling to beat the wors to the worst. Nebraska, Maryland, and Penn State were all pretty bad. Definitely much much worse then West Virginia. It’s a pretty clear case for Oklahoma over OSU.

    • Mike Murphy says:

      +Ty Cardwell i disagree… it is not a clear case anyway you slice it. The point of the college playoff selection committee is to select the 4 best teams in the country. It is not definitively clear that OU is better than OSU on the football field this year.

  2. I am Thanos says:

    Michigan got exposed😂

  3. Jay Lee says:

    Damn Michigan what happened?

    • dsetgetatme says:

      Gotta give Ohio St coaching staff credit… They had a game plan for us..

      1. They exposed our 3rd corner back #28 who couldn’t cover anybody.

      2. They spread the field and did crossing routes to disrupt our pass rush and get our big guys tired

      3. They forced us into 3rd and longs

      4. Their defense were locking up our TEs.. They helped moved the chains on 3rd downs

      5. We totally did not account for #21 for the Buckeyes offense…. Dude got some wheels on him!! 🏃🏃🏃🔥🔥🔥

    • Julian Holl says:

      +dsetgetatme number 21 is Parris Campbell I’m his biggest fan since freshman year, why , Well it’s just me and Parris is the 2nd
      fastest in the Big Ten and after they didn’t put him in college football Fastest players he ran a 4.26 40 to prove that he is

    • dsetgetatme says:

      Julian Holl Campbell was killin us today

    • Airport Runway says:

      +dsetgetatme Also exposed that Don Brown is overrated and Clemson’s Brent Venables should get more national media attention than a B1G assistant coach with a large fan base and high T.V. ratings.

    • dsetgetatme says:

      Airport Runway Don Brown should’ve made adjustments… Put #1 Ambry to guard the slot receivers, mixed up the blitz scheme…maybe had a DE drop in pass coverage to get in the passing lane.. My goodness, Haskins had all day and all nite to throw the ball!!

  4. Matt R says:

    Not a rivalry anymore. Just an automatic W for the Buckeyes

  5. Willy SCHMIDLKOFER says:

    Damn Michigan looking like a big 12 school no defense

  6. matthew jess says:

    Ohio state got destroyed……..tonight after they left the bar in celebration.

  7. Chilli Bean YFN says:

    So much for the ” Revenge Tour “🤦Meyer OWNS Harbaugh.

  8. Bryan Zachery says:

    Same old Michigan against Ohio State. Not even a rivalry game

    • Uncle Chuckles says:

      Bryan Zachery Harbaugh is a Joke. He’s the Most. clueless guy in the room. I love the hire.

    • noah dempsey says:

      +David Wiland He still lost though. Harbaugh will without a doubt be back next year but if he loses again to OSU and at home then I would really hope he gets fired. I wouldn’t mind him getting fired now but I guess give him 1 more year and if he loses again let him walk away from Michigan and don’t renew his contract.

    • David Wiland says:

      +noah dempsey r u a 49ers fan?

    • Eli Dik says:

      At least they beat sparty

    • Tendō Pain says:

      noah dempsey y’all trippin. What were you before Harbaugh? Mediocre putting 8 win teams out there. Harbaugh has made y’all relevant. Y’all not gone get a better coach than Harbaugh. Go ahead & overthink it & go back to mediocrity like Michigan was for the 10 years before Harbaugh

  9. Pilotorpheus 862 says:

    3 things we learned from OSUs win

    1. Don’t underestimate Urban Meyer

    2. Don’t underestimate Urban Meyer

    3. And most importantly don’t underestimate Urban Meyer

  10. Caitlyn West says:

    and UM fans thought they had the best D in the nation….let alone could be Clemson 😂

  11. Studtistics says:

    Our defense ate too much turkey.

  12. yee boiii says:

    I’m just estatic right now. If someone told me OSU would put up 62 points on this Michigan defense I wouldn’t even have fathomed the idea. What a win for OSU. For all OSU has been though they sure know how to come together. As for Harbaugh he needs to win his bowl game. Seems fans already want him out. Just be careful what you wish for. Other than that what a performance by OSU. Good luck Michigan. Go Bucks.

    • Chris Jones says:

      You better be rooting for Texas, cuz if OU beats em they’re in the playoffs over the bucks. Not a fan of either team, but their loss is to an 11th ranked team at the time and they have a chance to avenge it.

  13. Joshua Kurutu says:

    Michigan fan here congrats Ohio state y’all played amazing but I’m extremely disappointed with the Wolverines performance today like every time we face a good team we crumble. 62 points like really. GG Buckeyes.

    • molon labe says:

      Pinhead Larry let’s not get cocky they still have an 8 game lead on the series. I remember the 90’s sucked for us. Let’s be humble in victory guys. Michigan plays us tough for the most part. This winning can change on a dime too. Let’s also appreciate the good sportsmanship with the original comment too. Go Bucks

    • Suitcase Dog says:

      GG Bro

    • Kevin Whatley McChipperson says:

      Joshua Kurutu Good game, thank u for your sportsmanship. Go Buckeyes

    • Airport Runway says:

      ​+Go Bucks Both Ohio St. & Michigan should be ashamed they ( mid-west football teams rely on so many southern recruits to compete). With out them you cannot compete!. You both have lost your mid-west identities

    • D H says:

      Joshua Kurutu We’re a little disappointed that Michigan did not come out swinging. Whether it’s Harbaugh’s fault or not, I don’t know. But if this is the biggest rivalry in sports, both teams have to come in with a new level of game.

  14. Mike says:

    Michigan chocked and blew their best opportunity to go to indy and the playoff

  15. Joshua Fox says:

    Number 1 d fence lol 😂 62 points

    • Julian Holl says:

      That’s not what the commentators said

    • Darth Pepe says:

      S山工S卄丹メ Yep.. that’s all I have been hearing the last 2/3 weeks is how OSU doesn’t have a chance because Michigan has the #1 defense. Just what I heard and from a lot of people

    • pyledog says:

      +S山工S卄丹メ statistics? Son michigan just got thrown out of the playoff conversation after giving up 62 points and taking the L against a team everyone said would lose. I beg you to tell me how previous stats mean anything relevant when that happened.

    • Airport Runway says:

      Clemson has #1, check the statistics. But Michigan has the Big 10 network and a larger fan base. Don’t expect fairness. Clemson owns Ohio State.3-0 Even is responsible for the firing of Woody Hayes. Smaller fan base means Clemson will get less media coverage!

  16. Loose Change9 says:

    This should no longer be considered a rivalry game. This is a one sided shhhhlacking… year after year.

  17. Catherine Caldwell says:

    Hung 62 on the (former) number 1 defense in the nation, mind u Ohio state had it at the Michigan 7 and decided to run out the clock. They could have put up 70, they should start playing basketball

  18. Loose Change9 says:

    Dear Michigan,
    We have had some fun over the years beating up on you. However, this rivalry has become a little one sided and we are looking to move on. We think you and Michigan State look good together. Why don’t you just stick to that rivalry.

    Ohio State

  19. stretch141000 says:

    3 certainties in life:
    1. Death
    2. Taxes
    3. Ohio State beating Michigan every year

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