HIGHLIGHTS: Nashville SC vs. LAFC | July 17, 2022

HIGHLIGHTS: Nashville SC vs. LAFC | July 17, 2022

HIGHLIGHTS: Nashville SC 1-2 Los Angeles Football Club, 07/17/2022

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30 Responses

  1. Dalton Woods says:

    They didn’t show it in these highlights but when Bale was on the pitch you could feel just how different he was on and off the ball compared to everyone else. He’ll be class for LAFC

  2. SpyderRios says:

    Vela is unstoppable right now. México needs him at the world cup real bad. Him and Chicharito

  3. Orange_N_Blue says:

    Tough to lose but better team won. Nashville missing a few pieces. Shaq Moore is a good start. Going to need some offensive firepower too. Geodis Park was rocking as always. Great atmosphere. Keep it up Music City fans. Absolutely love this club. On to Cincy.

    • DeAlpec says:

      @Saint Degi *football

    • J L.A. says:

      Well, the better team did win. Nashville had more opportunities to score but they weren’t as good as the few opportunities that LAFC had. And to add to that, LAFC has been on top of the table and that wasn’t by accident.

    • Saint Degi says:

      Better team? Maybe on the paper, not on the field tonight, they were just lucky, NSC played better soccer.

  4. Adrian Camacho says:

    Great game lafc!! A little sloppy from the mid field and lost quite a bit of ball possession but pulled through! Great work.

  5. David T says:

    The size difference between Blessing and Bale waiting to come in was funny.

  6. dwayne sinclair says:

    Say what you want, the quality of the league is at the best its ever been.

  7. Peter Alexopoulos says:

    Chiellini, Vela, Bale is probably the best top 3 you can have in the MLS rn

    • Becky Gomez - Beaster says:

      @Chudi Harris hmm I watch some MLS highlights as well from diff teams , but is just the irony is how you said “ maybe the ( galaxy ) need to start breaking some rules “ … from all the MLS teams decided to represent Carson .

    • Chudi Harris says:

      @Becky Gomez – Beaster nope I’m a football fan, I watch games or highlights of all MLS games, prem games, hell I’ll even watch the swiss league. But i kno LAFC fans are new to this game so I’ll give you a pass. Hopefully you can actually win something this year. Good luck!

    • Becky Gomez - Beaster says:

      @Chudi Harris y’all gotta be watching LAFC highlights cus Carson hasn’t been having one for the past games 😩

    • Gomez says:

      @Chudi Harris awe how’s 7th place working for yall? 🤣😂🤣 that carson team ain’t nothing anymore LA got a real team now. 🤣😂

  8. ツXNxmesis says:

    watching vela play today was something else he literally doesn’t put any effort into playing yet is so smooth with possession with the ball , only if he showed more interest into the game

  9. Roberto says:

    everyone talking about Bale, Chiellini, Vela but Cifuentes is a beast he is having an excellent season.

  10. Omar Renteria says:

    Still can’t believe bale is playing for lafc. Feels like I’m living in fifa career mode

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