Highlights | PSG 3-2 RB Leipzig | Champions League 21/22 – J3 | TUDN

Highlights | PSG 3-2 RB Leipzig | Champions League 21/22 – J3 | TUDN

De la mano de Lio Messi, PSG consigue la voltereta en la recta final del partido y la afición se vuelve loca con el poderío parisino.

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28 Responses

  1. jtorre_ says:

    finally highlights are back!! I don’t like paramount commentary’s

  2. J T says:

    One of the softest penalties I’ve seen in awhile.

    • Srikar Iyer says:

      @Michael because longevity ( which Messi and Ronaldo maintain similarly) and goals ( Messi has similar career and big game goal/ game) are the only things that make players good, right? Also people who use pessi abd penaldo have low iq

    • You’re Wrong says:

      @Michael hahaha cry more!!!

    • You’re Wrong says:

      @Michael hahahaha KEEP CRYING!!!! get out of here michael penaldo nothing you can say will change anything. keep going to google and doing research and getting your little numbers out MESSI IS PENDUS KING. manchester is sitting in 6th place 😂 ronaldo leaves juventus they do better, joins manu and destroys the club hahahaha

    • Michael says:

      @You’re Wrong Someone’s emotional tonight

    • marcelino suarez says:

      @Michael jajajajajaja

  3. justo garcia says:

    11:55 y si encontor el Arco del triunfo 🤣🤣Mbappe lo volvio hacer un clasico

  4. GhostZ says:

    Tremendo juego lo vi por prende tv

  5. Event Horizon says:

    That narrator is as good as that penalty 🔥

  6. sk 8 says:

    Mbappe que crack al seder a Messi el penal. Que agasajo ver a estos dos crack jugar con quimica.

  7. Etor Gozalez says:

    Aqui ay una bola.de weyes ardidos porla manera de cobrar messi un panal aa pero si fuera penaldo cayados los ojaldras nomas dejen que agarre la comfiansa que nessesita

  8. Andres Arredondo says:

    Mejor le hubiera dejado el hat trick a Messi

  9. Tek Szeto says:

    PSG: ¿no hay defensa?

  10. JSTN says:

    Yes highlights are back!! I love the Spanish commentary on TUDN

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