Highlights: RB Leipzig 0-5 Liverpool | Nunez scores four in friendly

Highlights: RB Leipzig 0-5 Liverpool | Nunez scores four in friendly

Enjoy all of the goals from the Reds’ pre-season friendly outing against RB Leipzig.

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34 Responses

  1. Tsoanieskits says:

    Nunez’ first goal for Liverpool looks exactly the same as Mane’s first goal for Bayern. Wow!

  2. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    Damn Carvalho is the definition of a moneyball signing, amazing how no other clubs challenged for his signining.

  3. Silver Lemonade says:

    Who said Nunez is a flop let the premier league begin and see his true potential

    • dRiLLmAsTErChOp says:

      @dizzy People said the same abt Salah, but what happened? Well, we saw that🥶

    • dizzy says:

      English football fans are the worst, so toxic.. the guy haven’t even started playing properly and they gave him so much sh*t.. ofc he will struggle the first 5-10 games, he came to a new team and new league, once he’s match sharp, he will bang goals like he did in Portugal.. Uruguayan strikers never disappoint

    • purepeeper naik says:

      its leipzig L

    • Russian roulette says:

      he need to get verified by PL

  4. Trung Dung Dang says:

    An excellent game by Darwin Nunez and our Liverpool players. Hopefully after an excellent performance in this match, Darwin Nunez will play explosively and better in the next matches. Congratulations Darwin Nunez and Liverpool

  5. ACAP REACTION says:

    Kudos to Salah because he gave that penalty to Nunez for his moral boost 👍🏽

  6. Michael Marsden says:

    Everyone talking about Nunez. He was great and it’s amazing to see him get go but I’m incredibly excited by Fabio and Harvey Elliott this season!!!!

  7. Alan gerrard says:

    Well played Nunez incredibly player fantastic play all round this kid going to smash hit ❤❤❤❤

  8. Stephen Hakeem says:

    Always knew Nunez is terrific at 1v1. when he came up against Allison last season who happens to be one of the best goalie at 1v1 situation, He scored even the one recorded as offside.
    And I believe klopp saw that..

  9. Ali Juddy says:

    I can imagine the reception from the Anfield crowd when Nunez and Carvalho finally play their first home game!!

  10. Md Julhamri Rashid says:

    Its good they gave him the penalty, it definitely boosted his confidence 🤟🏻 Lets go!!

    • Abhijoy Chatterjee says:

      @Kausar Ahmed yes but i thought he said it was risky for liv

    • Kausar Ahmed says:

      @Abhijoy Chatterjee it is risky for Nunez because if he missed then he’s confidence will go incredibly down

    • Abhijoy Chatterjee says:

      @Guz Gonzalez that wasn’t risky i guess cause its a friendly and more over there was 1-0 lead and nunez shot was risky as if the goalkeeper would have punched the ball it could be saved and his confidence would have been broken by that

    • Ebnomar Abdullh says:

      @Kbzzy indeed but liverpool have firminio still and nunez two very diffrent styles of play

    • Kbzzy says:

      @Ebnomar Abdullh yeah of course, but I’d love for him to be able to do firminos creative play aswell. Scoring goals is amazing but if he could be an outlet for the wingers he’d be even more dynamic

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