Highlights RCD Espanyol vs FC Barcelona (0-4)

Highlights RCD Espanyol vs FC Barcelona (0-4)

FC Barcelona beat RCD Espanyol 0-4 in the derby. Messi (twice), Dembele and Luis Suarez scored the goals of the victory. LaLiga Santander 2018/2019

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65 Responses

  1. Zakir Zafar says:

    How can anyone compare ronaldo to messi? It completely baffles me. Penaldo would have wet dreams over this performance from messi cos he wont get anywhere near this level. Penaldo will carry on scoring tapins and becoming motm for doing absolutely nothing.

    • Write Heroes says:

      Ronaldo is a great goal scorer, but Messi is a great everything.

    • Cisko_PlayZ says:

      Lol only goal shitty ronaldo scored was a penalty last week in serie a this week did shit against inter and this week in la liga the goat himself Messi which somehow the 5th best player in the world scores 2 fantastic goals did ronaldo score a free kick yet in juventus you probably dream about but it didn’t happen yet

    • Sourav Datta says:

      +Zakir Zafar hey stop hating asshole….evryone has their own opinion….to some messi is the best…to some Ronaldo is the best….just shut the fck up and enjoy their gme…we are lucky to see players like them in the last decade….just enjoy while it lasts…stop comparing and stop disrespecting

    • Indestructible Troll says:

      +Sourav Datta Exactly!

  2. Sam Geee says:

    Messi played well for the 5th best player in the world, maybe one day he’ll be a top 3 player again

  3. Cao Thang says:

    Love you messi ♥️??

  4. Agung A. Ditia says:

    Messi never give up

  5. Sammer Aroca says:


  6. Amirul Mokhris says:

    Amazing performance by the 5th best player in the world!

  7. Cabo Hicks says:

    0:26 amazing combination…

  8. Futbol y Mas says:

    Messi the best player in the history…

  9. Muller Fan28 says:

    Espanyol fans were toxic today, trying to trick the players by thinking the referee blew the whistle and leaving goal by goal not supporting their own team and booing barca for scoring.

  10. Darwin Bonilla says:

    Sigo sin entender como hay gente que piensa que C. Ronaldo es mejor que Messi.! La verdad Nadie se sienta en la misma mesa que Messi. Nadie!!!

  11. Tri Khai Huynh says:

    Who’s talking now Pele?

    • Cliff MacFarlane says:

      Tri Khai Huynh I love Messi but he did miss with his head and right foot

    • Cristian Ortiz says:

      +Cliff MacFarlane But….. 2 extraordinary free kicks

    • Yondaime Hokage says:

      but not all shot is a goal

    • Cliff MacFarlane says:

      +Cristian Ortiz ya thoese were crazy good, I just found it funny because thoes were the two things that pele mentioned

    • SuperMessi G.O.A.T says:

      +Cliff MacFarlane He was unlucky with the header but he still headed it and not every shots go in. But i do find it funny two things pele mentioned messi had a chance this game to prove him wrong but missed both.

      But pele still doesn’t know what he is talking about because messi has like 30 headed goals and 100+ weakfoot goals

  12. Condawggy C says:

    That ball Messi puts through at 0:28 is ridiculous

  13. Simao Nziaka says:

    Nothing here, just the 5th best player of the world. Lol fifa is jokes

  14. Iron Mike says:

    Who is Cr7,Neymar,Mbappe,Hazard
    Messi is the best Footballplayer of all time

    • NB says:

      CR7 is much better – more complete player.

    • Iron Mike says:

      +NB CR7 used to be good but he will never reach the level of Messi CR7 is overrated just like Neymar

    • Lisa Clarke says:

      +NB Ronaldo is not more complete then messi he is a winger and striker at best you will never see Ronaldo start or build up a play from midfield messi can start and finish build up from anywhere he is more complete and the best player to ever do it

  15. Omar Avila says:

    2nd time he scores two freekicks in one game, first was against Sevilla in Uefa super cup ?? this man a legend

  16. ken 14 says:

    Messi the best free kickers in the world..! agree?

  17. Dont Know Really says:

    Biggest joke of the year Messi finishing 5th, the Ballon D’or officially has no meaning!!!!

  18. E.E.C says:

    0:10 I don’t think anyone will ever know how Messi was able to pick out Dembele.
    0:28 I don’t think anyone will ever know how Messi was able to lift that perfect ball into Suarez.
    If Modric or Ronaldo performed like this more than once or twice last season, I would have warmed a little more to their respective positions in the Ballon d’Or rankings. However, this type of performance (although I will say was extra special tonight) is almost weekly for Messi. The fact that the idiots who voted for ‘the most prestigious individual award in football’ were blind to this loses the Ballon d’Or a hell of a lot of credibilities. This footage literally serves as evidence (so do the stats, but when are they important).

    • Zachariah Rizk says:

      Messi doesn’t use words to shoe his opinion of the Ballon D’or
      Lets just say it lost a lot more credibility

  19. Stevee Savidaan says:

    5th in ballon d’or …

  20. Write Heroes says:

    Ronaldo is a great goal scorer, but Messi is a great everything. That’s the difference between the two.

    • Indestructible Troll says:

      Yea because Messi can score headers, bicycle kicks, play in other teams without doing bad, do skills, score penalties, win the champions league for his team, and has the highest goals in champions league and assists while Ronaldo can just score

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