Highlights RCD Mallorca vs FC Barcelona (0-4)

Highlights RCD Mallorca vs FC Barcelona (0-4)

Great win of FC Barcelona in Son Moix against RCD Mallorca with the goals by Arturo Vidal, Braithwaite, Jordi Alba and Leo Messi #RCDMallorcaBarça J28 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020

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76 Responses

  1. YoungJerl24 says:

    Messi looks like he is 19 again.

  2. Shadow Spidey says:

    The Way Barca played in the first minute of the game, is the way we can win Champions League

    • Football Topics says:

      @Moiz Naved I’m a Barça fan but what you said is 100% true Barca still need to improve their defense Mallorca had chances but they were not clinical and without the fans Barça at the Camp Nou will not be the same in the UCL on the other side Atletico got a big chance if they keep playing as they did against Liverpool cause in counter attacks they’re fatal

    • Yousuf Khalid says:

      Ya that will be correct

    • Moiz Naved says:

      @Fade’s Hairline what did i say to make you mad? plus, we never even finished a full season under simeone out of the top 3, so be quiet

    • Fade's Hairline says:

      @Moiz Naved You think Atletico Madrid have a chance of winning the champions league this season because they knocked out Liverpool. You are deluded. Why are Atleti struggling in the league?

    • Fade's Hairline says:

      @Moiz Naved You gotta have realistic expectations. Atletico don’t have the team to win the champions league.

  3. Darshan Rampersadh says:

    Messi looks like his young athletic self

    • Sedna02 says:

      @Nls Drf but what you said is literally a lie. And it’s also straight up criminal to make generalizations about messi like that. This is the man that knocked over Diego Costa and Sergio Ramos last season with sheer strength on separate occasions. And again, 34 km/h, so don’t talk before thinking.

    • Hamzah Mohamed says:

      It’s the no beard

    • Yeetwch Y Baban says:

      @Nls Drf uh what

    • Nls Drf says:

      @Sedna02 send me the link of proof where hes hit 34 kph.

    • Nls Drf says:

      @Sedna02 yeah please send me the link of the website where it says messi hit 34 kph because ive searched and i cant find anything

  4. Lionel Messi10 says:

    91 goals Messi right foot

  5. Darley Ribeiro says:

    Messi de cabelo grande e sem barba? Melhor do mundo!

  6. shawn maumbe says:

    Messi is simply a joy to watch, there will never be another like him.

  7. Dominic savio Obinwa says:

    Wow.. Great to see the game back. I enjoyed how barca played this match: high tempo and pressing, reminiscent of the days of Guardiola. I could hardly recognize Messi here… Looking like his teenage version.. 😊

  8. Elite Gamer says:

    This is what we call mes que un club!🥰☝️

  9. Edgardo Maldonado says:

    Messy and Suarez what a duo whats happening antoine griezmann?

  10. Lionel Thornicroft says:

    2 assists and a goal

  11. Ban Hammer says:

    All games without fans should be like this honestly didn’t realise there wasn’t any fans till half time

    • Ban Hammer says:

      @Jeffrey Taylor I go watch my local whenever I can mate thanks for your opinion tho

    • SPB SPB says:

      games without fans is a punishment for the home team usually, so they don’t “deserve” to have this artificial noise.

    • Ban Hammer says:

      @SPB SPB yeah but it’s not like the fans are choosing not to come they literally can’t go to support their teams

    • James says:

      Nls Drf you’re a boring person then yikes

    • SPB SPB says:

      @Ban Hammer i know, u just reacted to the part “All games without fans should be like this”. Sometimes the no fans are a punishment for the team by fifa or uefa, but this won’t happen for a while.

  12. UnicornWizard28 says:

    Who else saw the guy who got in the pitch to take a picture with Jordi Alba 😂😂😂😂

  13. Masyaf says:

    2 Assists
    1 Goal
    10/10 Man of the Match rating.
    1 GOAT

  14. N Stuff says:

    Messi 1 goal, 2 assists after the break. He’s just inevitable.

  15. Ian Gomez says:

    Long haired messi will give everybody flashbacks. RIP competition 💔

    • A says:

      I want him to grow his hair again and look like an Argentine again with his little forehead band

    • kostar500 says:

      That long hair was Messi 19…

    • 1990Thunderbolt says:

      @kostar500 nah that was messi’s short hair with beard.

    • Darkside Sider says:

      @Mario Munteanu they played very shit last year and still managed beat Liverpool at their bet performance at campnou imagine if Barcelona played half of what they are capable of Liverpool would of been sen t home crying 10-0 well Atletico already sent them hom anyway but when bars play at their real level no team will ever match them

    • nucky 313 says:

      especially the finals vs man united

  16. AP Music says:

    Looking like 2015 Messi when he won the treble 👀🔥

    • Harvey Butchers says:

      His hair was short then he’s looking more like a 2012 messi who scored 91 goals In a calendar year

  17. Udemeobong Essien says:

    Messi looks strange without beards😂😂…great guy indeed💪💪

  18. Anonymous 007 says:

    As if Martin Braithwate is on the same score sheet as Messi😳. On a real tho fair play to the lad, look where hard work and dedication gets you.

    Never give up!!

  19. Kushagra Tiwari says:

    Messi looks about 20

    And I love it ❤️

  20. James says:

    I like the fake crowd, sometimes I forgot it was empty no joke! 😂

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